These are the Voyages

So last night the Mr. and I went on a double-date.

I know.

On a school night.

Can you even believe it???


We went to Lexington with our friends, Cara and Todd, to see a special 25th Anniversary viewing of 2 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Scoff if you wish but it was lots of fun!!

First we went to Smashburger for supper and my, oh my, was it good!!!  I got the Buffalo Chicken sandwich which was worth every Weight Watcher point.  So good!!  Then it was on to the theater where I spent even more points for the junior size popcorn…..with butter.  Also good!

We walked into the theater not knowing what to expect.  As we went up the dark little hall and turned the corner we found that there are lots more Trekkies in Lexington than we thought!  The place was PACKED!!!  The usher (yes, they even had to have an usher!) told us that if we split up then there were seats near the top but if we wanted to all sit together we had to go to the front row!  No chance did I want to sit in the front row and since I’m a Southern Baptist, born and raised, I opted for the back row!

Cara and Todd led the way and up to the rafters we went.  They slid past some folks and sat together but then all we saw were individual seats.  What to do???  Just as were discussing whether we should go on down to the front and I’m standing there thinking, “if these people would just scooch, then we could sit together!” an older, white haired lady gets up and sits by a man who is apparently her husband!!!  They were sitting with a seat between them, for heaven’s sake!! 

I was all set to say thank you to this lady when I hear her tell her husband that this is why you should get to the theater early!  Can you believe that???  I mean, forgive us for having to actually work a job!!!  If we were retired, then we too could have gotten there in plenty of time!  And please, by all means, forgive me for making you have to sit by your husband!!!  Geez Louise! 

I was all set to sit there and stew a little but the lights went out and the show started.  The beginning was a documentary about how they digitally remastered the show from the 80’s and made it high def.  Basically it was a commercial for buying the DVD which comes out today. 

Then, on to the show!

The first episode was the one with the Traveler who takes the Enterprise billions of light-years from our galaxy.  The hero in this episode turns out to be none other than young Wesley Crusher (played by Will Wheaton).  Unfortunately, the only thing I could think of was this is Sheldon Cooper’s arch-enemy……………WHEA-TON!! (For those of you who are neither Star Trek fans nor Big Bang Theory fans, this is a big ole waste of your reading time!  Sorry ‘bout that!)

After the first episode was another documentary about casting the show.  It was very interesting.  And, yes, I laughed right along with all the other geeks.  Resistance was futile!

The second episode was the one where Data finds his brother, Lore.  Again, Wesley Crusher was the one who figured out that Lore was evil and was trying to kill them all.    At the end of this episode, the audience applauded and we sat through another “commercial” for the DVD.

All in all it was a good time.  I was disappointed that no one wore a costume.  Not even a Starfleet Academy uniform.  I did see one man in a Spock t-shirt that said something that I think was dirty.  I mean, I’m pretty naïve about such things.  I totally embarrassed the Mr. in a t-shirt shop one day because I didn’t understand that the shirt I kept reading REALLY loudly was actually bad.  I didn’t get it!

The only other bad thing was that Cara and Todd were on their best behavior because they didn’t want to give me any “material” for today’s post so I’ve got nothing too juicy to share.

Maybe next time I’ll just make something up. 🙂



4 thoughts on “These are the Voyages

  1. I soooo don’t get you sometimes! I love ya but I don’t get ya! I do, however, know that Will Wheaton is Sheldon Cooper’s arch-enemy. Aren’t you proud!!

    • I guess its kinda like you knowing every steel guitar player in history or Molly knowing all the NASCAR drivers… do what you gotta do! 🙂 And yes, I AM proud of your Will Wheaton knowledge!

  2. Enjoyed our double date last night, and glad to have some geeks/nerds/very smart friends to share our sci-fi/comic book movies with!

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