Food Fest 2012

Where in the world have ya’ll been???

Actually it’s me who has been AWOL. 

Truth be told, I DID have leave so I guess I was just A; no WOL.

Am I rambling????

The Mr. and I made a quick trip to Buffalo for a long weekend and Brian and Myra drove up to KY from South Carolina to ride along with us so it was even a funner trip. 


More fun?


While the main purpose of the trip was to visit family and friends, it turned into Food Fest 2012!!!

Weight Watchers???

Never heard of it!!!

Man, I had the best of intentions for eating on this trip.  I took fruit along for snacking but when faced with pizza and wings, I grew weak in the knees and all hope of sticking to the “plan” went out the window!!

Since my sisters LOVE when I give a complete rundown of my life, I thought I’d share with you today all the wonderfulness of the foods I consumed in the order that they were consumed!! 


Here we go.


Breakfast at Waffle House:  We didn’t even get 30 miles down the road when we stopped for our first “feeding”!!  I had a yummy bacon, egg & cheese sandwich with hashbrowns & grits but I kept it “lite” with a Diet Coke.  But never fear because as soon as we finished breakfast we went across the road to get me some Dramamine so I could read my Kindle and since I HAD to have something to wash the pill down with……………..I got a Dew!!  🙂

Lunch at Wendy’s:  Lunch consisted of a GRILLED chicken club sandwich (thank you very much) with fries and Diet Coke.  See………..I can eat healthy!!

Supper at my in-law’s:  My father-in-law makes the BEST spaghetti and meatballs!  The BEST!!  But since I’m being so health conscious, instead of eating regular spaghetti noodles, I opted for the spaghetti squash.  Pretty good choice, I’m thinkin’.  Of course, I covered it completely with delicious sauce and meatballs, yummy mushrooms and soaked it all up with a couple of pieces of nutbread (aka sesame bread) and butter!  Also, since I’m being totally honest, I drank the 24 oz. Mt. Dew my father-in-law got me!!!  How could I say no??????  Then we celebrated the Mr.’s and Andrew’s and Myra’s and my birthdays with cake and ice cream!!!  But I skipped the ice cream.  I’m on a diet after all.


Breakfast at Tim Hortons:  I really wasn’t going to get anything for breakfast since it was getting to be lunchtime but I went in with the Mr. and was forced to order an apple fritter and wash it down with another Mt. Dew!  Leave me alone………I was on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch at Sunset Grill:  One thing that Western NY does better than anywhere else I’ve ever been is summer!!!  There are lots of seasonal hotdog stands and ice cream stands and the fresh air from the beach just makes you hungry.  Ok, so we hadn’t been to the beach yet but that apple fritter just didn’t do it for me!!  So at Sunset Grill, I gobbled down a burger.  Ok, it was a cheeseburger.  Ok, it was a bacon cheeseburger.  Ok, it was a bacon DOUBLE cheeseburger!!!  But it had lettuce, tomato and onion on it so it was like having a salad with meat!!!  Right????  I also at a few curly fries and of course………..yet another Dew!

Supper at Pasquales:  If you know me but at all, you know that I have a thing for Pasquales.  They have awesome pizza and wings but the real draw for me is the Italian Dressing for the salad.  I dream about this stuff!!!  Not really but it’s pretty good.  I passed on the Dew for supper……….only because they didn’t offer it!  I had a Dr. Pepper instead.  Yummy!!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s:  Just kidding!!  No breakfast on Saturday.  Slept too long!

Lunch at Mighty Taco:  Buffalonian’s have a real soft spot for Mighty and I like it too but I wouldn’t travel 500 miles specifically for it.  But I had tacos, nachos & of course, Mt. Dew!  Oh……..I forgot to tell ya……when you read that part about tacos & nachos, you have to use a NY accent.  Ask Molly.  She does it good!  I also had an apple empanada.  It was tasty!

Supper at the in-laws:  One of my favorite things that my mother-in-law makes is her famous bbq burgers.  I don’t know if they are really famous but they should be!  I ate a couple of burgers and some potato salad and to make sure that it was a balanced meal, a couple of pieces of watermelon.  And to drink, let’s all say it together, Mt. Dew!


Breakfast at Denny’s:  Sunday was the Mr.’s birthday so we went to Denny’s so he could get his free Grand Slam.  I had a Philly Cheese Omelet!  Soooo good!!!  Also some hashbrowns & toast.  But the Dew-cation was over so I got a Diet Coke.

Lunch at Arby’s:  We stopped on the way home at Arby’s and since I had blown my diet already, I got a bacon beef & cheddar sandwich with onion rings (a vegetable, might I point out!) and the ever present Dew.  We were still on a trip after all.

Supper at Zaxby’s:  When we got back to the house, there was no way I was gonna cook so the boys went over to Zaxby’s for carry out and I had chicken strips, fries, slaw & yummy Texas toast with a Diet Coke.

Fast-forward to Tuesday. 

Weigh-in night.

I really wasn’t going to go but the Mr. convinced me that I should.  I stepped up on the scale and *gulp* gained 5.8 pounds!!!!  How did THAT happen??  I had only lost 6.2 before the trip.

Now if I was any good at math whatsoever I would tell you that the last month was for naught but that’s just not the Weight Watcher way!! 

I’ve picked myself up. Dusted myself off. 

(Why am I dusty????)

And got right back up on that wagon. 

Of course, I needed a little boost. 

Pika legs, you know.

Today is a brand new day.

Please don’t judge me for my gluttonous vacation.

But please DO pray for me. 

I’m having Dew-withdrawal of epic proportions.



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