We’ve Got Sickness

So we get back from our trip to NY last week and guess what…………..

We’ve got the epizootic!!!

Not the animal kind, the people kind.

At least I don’t think its the animal kind.  Taj seems ok.

I’m not sure how we got it or why we got it or who’s to blame that we got it but we got it!

Personally, I’m leaning toward blaming the Mr. but don’t tell him I said that.

So in light of the fact that I’m feeling yucky and none too funny today, I thought I’d share some photos of our trip to the Great White North.

Of course, this time of year it’s not so white.  But it will be.  Very shortly!!

the Mr.

Brian & Myra

Andrew (aka Grizzly Adams)

Hopefully we’ll be back to our old selves very soon.

Actually I’d rather be back to our young selves but I’m thinking that’s a long-shot!





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