…..Your Time Is Running Out!

I’m a deadline person. 

I may have good intentions to get things done but without a deadline, I just can’t even get started. 

Thankfully, I now have a deadline.  And it’s fast approaching!!!

A few of my Fierce Friends are coming to visit over Labor Day weekend and I just can hardly wait!!!  We always have such fun together.  We laugh…….A LOT!!!

And just so the Mr. won’t feel too overwhelmed, Andrew has decided to brave the 500 mile trip with a car full of crazy women and will be here too.  What fun it’s gonna be!!!

So there it is.

My deadline.

Labor Day weekend.

THIS Labor Day weekend.

Like, in two weeks!!

Have you seen my house???

No, of course not because it’s not ready to be seen yet!

That’s precisely my point!!!!

Now, Jane (aka Ginger) has seen the house already and she’s mostly forgiven me for living like a refugee but Dawn & Kathy (Kinky & Xena) have not.  So the last few weeks I have been in a frenzy trying to get the house put together.  And thank the LORD my mom has been helping us.  That woman is a dynamo!!! 

We’ve finally gotten the living room painted and, I must say, it’s spectacular!!  Or at least I think it is.  And this past weekend we got actual “things” up on the walls.

What a miracle!!!  The boxes that have resided in the living room for the last four months have now been emptied.

The Mahal is actually starting to look like a real house!

With real people living in it.

Real slobby people, but people nonetheless!!!

Very exciting!

Unfortunately, there is no possible way I’m going to get it all done by Labor Day weekend.  Well, maybe Labor Day NEXT year but not in two weeks!! 

Even Attila said it couldn’t be done.

Challenge accepted!!

So if I seem crazy and frenzied and out of my head…………..well, you probably won’t notice a difference. 

Sad, but true.

Wish me luck!!



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