Hog Wild

I’ve noticed in the past few months that some of my friends and family are a little reluctant to act normal (or their version of normal) around me.

It seems that folks are worried that they will show up on my blog.  It’s like they think I tell everything that I know!! 

Imagine!!  Me………..a blabbermouth????

You’d be surprised at all the things I haven’t shared.

For instance, did I spill the beans on my cousin, a local business owner, who answered the phone in such a professional manner and then promptly hung up on the person instead of putting them on hold? 

No, Ronnie, I wouldn’t do that to you and I’d certainly not mention names!

Did I share the story of my friend, who is so “thrifty” (her word) that at the movies went dumpster diving to find discarded cups with game pieces on them?

Of course not, Cara; I would never do that.

And why didn’t I share that one???  Well, mostly because it’s not true.  We discussed her doing that but since her husband wouldn’t agree to hold her ankles while she fished through dirty trash, she never actually did it.

But it’s a good story, right??!?!?!?!?!?!

And then there’s Andrew.

My sweet little Andrew.

He gives no regard to how I might share his photos on the blog. 

And why is he unconcerned?

Because he doesn’t read it!!!

Nope, never!

So I thought I’d share some photos he texted me a week or so ago.  See, Andrew has one obsession.

No, he actually has two obsessions but the one I’m sharing today is bacon.  He loves him some bacon.  I mean he LOVES bacon.  He likes to eat it.  He likes to talk about it.  He likes to watch videos about it.  He just can’t get enough.  So imagine his delight when his grandparents went to the Erie County Fair and what did they find????  Chocolate covered bacon!!

Chocolate COVERED bacon!!!!


And here is Andrew chowing down on the bacon…………………..

Here is what too much chocolate covered bacon can do to you……………….

Thanks, Andrew, for sharing these photos with us.

Not that you’ll ever know about it!  🙂




3 thoughts on “Hog Wild

  1. I just came from Wal Mart and bacon has gone up $1 since last week! Now it is $4.50 a pound. Good thing Andrew has plenty of money!!!

  2. You know the real reason I didn’t dumpster dive was not because of my husband, or even worrying that you might report about it, but mainly because the new age of cell phone w/camera and facebook posting does scare me and keep me in line. It’s one thing of have plauseable deniability, but with instant posted pictures, I’m out of luck!

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