Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum-Summertime

As you’re probably well aware, one of my many, many obsessions is TV.

I love TV.

No, really.  LOVE.

Most TV watchers are bummed at the end of the regular TV season and wonder how they will fill the many summer hours without mind-numbingly good TV. 

At least most amateur TV watchers.

Not me.  I’m clearly a professional.

I may compete in the next Olympics in TV watching.

Anyway…………I love summer shows!!   It’s like reconnecting with old friends that you haven’t seen in a good long while.

So today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite summer shows:

1.  So You Think You Can Dance – this is my all-time favorite summer show.  They tried to put it on in the fall one year but it just didn’t work.   And since I know your all wondering, no, I do NOT think I can dance.  Mainly because we weren’t allowed to dance.  At least not with boys!  It leads to stuff, right, Dad???  🙂

2.  Warehouse 13 – this is one of the Mr.’s sci-fi shows but its kinda quirky so I’ve learned to like it.

3.  Next Food Network Star and Great Food Truck Race – I cannot wait until these come on!  Thankfully they are not on at the same time so I can enjoy one and then when it ends look forward to the next.  Great Food Truck Race just started last weekend and I’m loving it already.  I’m so addicted to Food Network but not enough to actually COOK any of the food!  Sorry, Mr.!

4.  Bunheads – how, oh how, did I get so involved in a show called “Bunheads”???  I’ll tell ya…….I read a blog about it!  See, these blogs can be dangerous!!  Anyway, I read a blog about this show on ABC Family and thought I’d check it out.  I was hooked by the end of the first episode.  It’s not actually about buns or heads even.  It’s about a dance studio and a former showgirl.  Not a stripper showgirl but a dancing-with-her-clothes on showgirl.  The humor is right up my alley and it’s a pretty good show.

5.  Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – I know!  I know!!  It’s like a train wreck but I can’t for the life of me turn away!!  If you haven’t seen this show or even heard about it you might NOT want to check it out.  I’m telling you, it’s so bizarre that you will find yourself entranced just like I am.  Honey Boo Boo is the nickname of this little 6-year-old girl from Georgia who is involved in beauty pageants and the show follows her redneck family and how they live their lives.  It cracks me up that they have to use subtitles.  I have a hard time catching everything they say but the poor Mr. doesn’t understand a word!! Many people think that TLC is exploiting these poor, ignorant people but I think that they have been working the system long enough that they know exactly what they are doing!  I do, however, feel a little bad about laughing at these people………….only because I could easily be related to them!!!

 So there you have it. 

Mish’s Guide to Wasting Your Summer.





6 thoughts on “Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum-Summertime

  1. Marsha, I love reading your posts! You are a great writer! And I love some of the same shows you do (SYTYCD and Bunheads)!

  2. I have a friend that may be more addicted than you… I never thought it could happen, but He has 6, count them SIX, DVRs and they are all maxed out with recordings that he watches. Last I heard he was getting a 7th.

    Started watching Flashpoint on NetFlix… An awesome show. Breakout Kings is another good one.

  3. Oh I used to love the Great Food Truck Race! I haven’t seen it on for a while but now I’ll have to look for it! Ryan doesn’t get why I like it so much, and I’m not sure that I do either, but I do!

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