A Few Things

I figured I’d give you an update on the house-cleaning project…..EPIC FAILURE!

I’m sure your all very surprised but it’s not going as fast as I had hoped.  It could be that there was birthday doin’s this past weekend but truth be told most of this stuff should have been done month’s ago and I wouldn’t be stressing. 

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not gonna stress.

I’m gonna have a fun visit with Andrew and the Fierce’s and they will love me, dirt and all!

Well, maybe not Andrew.

At least not so that he’d admit.

So since I’ve been too busy to put a coherent sentence together, I thought I’d share a few things.

First of all, I learned the hard way that Andrew does in fact check this blog from time to time.  I got a text from him after I posted his pictures that I was in violation of his “copyright” and owe him $50 per picture. 

As you can imagine, I ain’t sceered!!!

Secondly, I did the dreaded grocery shopping yesterday.  It was not fun but since the Mr. and I are fond of eating, it had to be done.  I bought so much junk that I had to have help out to the car with my TWO carts of groceries!!!  Then I had to hide some items from the Mr. so that we will still have them come the weekend.

But a funny thing happened at the store. 

Well, maybe not funny, haha, but still funny.

I came around one aisle and found a lady climbing the grocery shelves trying to reach some V8 Fusion.  I asked if she’s like me to get it for her (not at all sure that I could) and when I did, she said “It must be nice being tall.”

Me???  Tall????

At 5’3” I’ve never been called tall.  It was kinda nice!!

Thirdly, since the Mr. and I lived near Buffalo, NY, we are, of course, Bills fans.  I know…………..they don’t play the football so well but nevertheless we hold out that glimmer of hope each year that THIS IS THE YEAR. 

My favorite player is Paul Posluszny.  At least he used to be.  I’m sure he’s a good player but what I’m really interested in is his last name.  I love to say Posluszny.

(via Wikipedia)

I know………….I’m weird!! 

I totally embrace that!

Anyway, every fall when football begins I beg and plead and whine and cry (not really on the last one) about getting a Posluszny jersey to no avail.

Last year, much to my dismay, Posluszny was traded to Jacksonville. 

But did that discourage me? 

Heck no!!  In fact, I think it helped my cause!  Super Daddy even joked on the day of the trade that I could now get a Posluszny Bills jersey for $20 (smarty-britches!). 

Well, this year, the Mr. came through!! 

I got my Posluszny Bills jersey (good ole #51) and he got it for the bargain basement price of $19.88.

How do I know??? 

In pure Me-maw fashion, he left the price tag on!! 

Gotta love that Mr.

Have a good week and Let’s Go Buffalo!!!



3 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. You…tall? That IS “ha, ha” funny!!! If YOU were tall, you’d have been the one cleaning out the gutters instead of me & Kareema Abdula!!! 🙂

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