Danged If I Do and Danged If I Don’t

I’m a list person.

I love to make lists but more importantly I love to cross things OFF my list.

I get this from my mother.

So with the big Fierce visitation this weekend I’ve been in list heaven.

I’m getting down to the homestretch so last night I was anxious to cross off a few more items.

My only plan for the night was to set up the daybed that I got from my sister, Marti, dust the entire house, and clean the bathrooms.

Easy-peasy, right?


The Mr. and I stopped at the Work Journal to get the bed from Marti and then we headed home.  While the Mr. carried all the bed parts in, I took Taj out to do his business and bark at passersby.

When the Mr. was done with the carry-in he informed me that it was trash night and if I had any garbage that needed to go out, now was the time to do it! 

Sir, yes sir!! 🙂

The night before I had done the horrible job of cleaning out the fridge.  Oh, how I hate to clean out the fridge!!!!  It was truly a gag-worthy experience but it had to be done.

Knowing that the gross fridge garbage needed to go and not wait another week, I pulled the heavy, oh so heavy, bag out of the can, tied it up and carried it out to the street. 

As the Mr. was heaving this loaded bag into the can, he realized that the bag was leaking. 

I turned and looked and sure enough there was a trail from the street to the front door.

OH NO!!!!  Surely not!!

I ran to the house and there stands Taj licking up something off the floor. 

I fling myself into the house and the trail continues………….from the front door, across the entry hall, through the dining room and into the kitchen!!


Of goo!!!

I’m not exactly sure what was leaking but since I threw away some old, nasty cantaloupe and watermelon, I’m thinking it was a mixture of the two.

The Mr. comes in and a period of intense fellowship began. 

This was not on the list.

Not in a million years would I have put this on the list.

I immediately grabbed the new can of Resolve Carpet Cleaner I  had just bought and started foaming the trail.

Did I test a small area first?

No I did not!!!

All I could think of was get that line of nastiness up off my carpet before Taj makes himself sick trying to clean it up for me.

Thankfully the cleaner worked and the trail of goo is gone.

But now I have a trail of really clean carpet.

Oh well, better for my guests to find their way to the kitchen.

It’s all about the bright side, people.



4 thoughts on “Danged If I Do and Danged If I Don’t

  1. In the words of a wise father in our family, “You’re smarter than you was!” Next time, go through the kitchen; down the hall and out the door. That trail is vinyl all the way and Taj could have had it all cleaned up by the time you got back to the house. He’s a dog, for Pete’s sake. If his sensitive belly can’t handle it, at least it will all be in one little pile that you can scoop up after it has dried. You could do that with a spatula!

  2. Oh Marsha – I feel your pain. Last night “R” got sick on my once white couch. And not the usual dog sick – but spewed black and green UGHHH!!!!!! And we were OUT of Resolve, so off to the grocery we go and we worked all night on the clean up. Definitely NOT on my list! But now at least it’s over and you have another good story to tell 🙂

    Have a great visit with your friends – I hope I get to meet them over the weekend!

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