Bring on the funny

Last week was our annual trip to the NQC.

What is the NQC, you ask??

Why, it is only the biggest event in Southern Gospel music: The National Quartet Convention.

My family has been going to NQC for years and when they moved it from Nashville, TN to Louisville, KY some years back, we’ve really enjoyed the week getting to visit with lots of friends and hearing some great Southern Gospel music.

Unfortunately, a bi-product of NQC is the NQC Hangover.

I get it every year.

That’s when you stay up so bloomin’ late every night that your old body just can’t keep up!! I’ve been in a fog all week and can’t seem to get enough sleep.

Don’t worry…….it will eventually pass. Hopefully before NQC next year!

Some of my favorite musical moments were listening to Greater Vision, The Perry’s, and The Booth Brothers (though Gaither has managed to secular them up a bit).

But I wanted to share some of my favorite non-music moments and funnily enough, they all involve my little Izzy G. That girl is a hoot!!

Belle (aka Izzy G) went to Louisville with us on Thursday night but stayed with my sister, Marti, the rest of the week at a hotel while Molly, Steve and I traveled back and forth from Frankfort every night.

Sometimes work really gets in the way!!

Anywho, on Friday night I was really thirsty so Belle and I decided to go to the food court to get a drink. On the way through the exhibit hall, Belle whispers out of the side of her mouth (she’d have made a great 1930’s gangster) “I can drink a Mt. Dew……I’m sleeping with Aunt Marm”.

Now, I enjoy living on the edge as much as the next guy but since I’ve known “Aunt Marm” for about 45 years now, I felt it was safe to say that giving an 8-year-old a Mt. Dew at 10:30 at night did not bode well for good ole Mish!!! Thankfully they only had Coke products at the food court so it was a no-go on the Dew. I’d like to think I wouldn’t have gotten her one anyway but I am a pushover, after all.

The next night we met up with Marti, Kenny and Belle at Old Chicago to eat before going to the Convention. While we were waiting for our food, Belle shared with me what they had been up to at the hotel. She told me a really funny story about a meeting the three of them had in the hotel bathroom to discuss the towel/washcloth situation but as I mentioned above, I know Marti pretty well and if I shared the story, I’m pretty sure she’d kill me, so I’ll move on………….

Belle told me that they had gone to eat at Outback the night before and that Uncle Kenny had eaten lamb chops!!!

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am in serious like of anything sheep!!! I have a sheep figurine or picture or something sheepy in every room in my house plus my guest room is totally SHEEP!!!

So this line of foodery had me concerned.

“How can anybody eat a sheep?” I asked Belle.

Her reply?

“A little salt, a little butter and a little garlic”!!!!

Now that’s funny!!!

I don’t care who you are!!!

How is she so quick with a response???? She’s EIGHT!!!!

Later that night, Belle came up to our seats to listen to a little music. She normally stays at our friend’s, Tim and Mary Alice Lovelace, booth playing with their kids. Someone was on the stage singing and I honestly don’t remember who it was or what the song was but I know it was pretty emotional.

Everyone was wiping tears and many people had their hands raised in praise to God and Belle looks at me and says:

“Like Uncle Tim would say, that would bring a tear to a glass eye”!!!

If I hadn’t been so wedged into those tight little seats, I probably would have fallen in the floor!!! What a stitch!!

But my favorite Belle-ism of the night was when the Convention was completely over. We were making our way down the steps with a crowd of people so we made a human chain so that 1. we could all stay together; and 2. so Mish wouldn’t fall and bowl everyone down!

And also cause we’re cool like that!!! 🙂

So Molly and Steve are in the front and Belle and I are holding onto their shoulders and we are inching down the stairs. Belle reaches up to Molly’s hair and says “Mom, your hair is so soft.” Very appreciative that her baby girl said her hair was soft and not greasy like a pork chop, Molly said “Thanks Belle!” To which Belle replied:

“Feels just like Taj’s hair”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever try to walk down steep stairs with a kazillion people, trying not to fall, and get so tickled you could wet your pants?????

That was me!!!

That girl is a hoot and a holler!!!!

She takes after her Aunt Mish!! 🙂

(Just don’t ask the Mr., he rarely thinks I’m funny!!)




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