The Sky Is Falling

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well, Albert, I’m apparently insane!!

Or hard of learning.

I’m not sure which.

Every morning, the Mr. uses these floss/pick things on his teeth. He’s good about oral hygiene. He brushes, gargles AND flosses. I think he’s afraid that since he’s moved to KY his teeth may suddenly loosen and fall out. I’ve told him that his teeth will fall out because of all the Twizzlers he eats not because he now lives in the South. I’m supportive that way.

Anyway, every morning he sticks the resealed bag of pick thingies back in the medicine cabinet.

And every morning, I open the medicine cabinet to get my toothbrush and that stinkin’ bag falls on my head.

Every morning!

EVERY morning!!

Now, one would think that I would learn to open the cabinet with caution. But one would be wrong! I fling open the cabinet door (I’m usually running late….surprise, surprise) and when I’m clunked on the head, I do some sort of growl and mumble under my breath about the Mr. and his stupid pick thingies!!

So yesterday we went to the dentist. We had never been to this particular dentist before and I was not looking forward to it! First of all, because it was going to take up my precious lunch hour. I’ve grown quite fond of actually eating during my lunch hour. Second, because, well, it’s the dentist. And third, because it was pouring rain! There is nothing worse than running around (on your lunch hour) in the pouring rain!!!

Nothing, I should say, except going to the dentist during lunch hour in the pouring rain with a fever blister!!

I warned that girl right from the start that I had a fever blister. As if she couldn’t see it!! It’s like a puffy beacon for all the world to see!! And still she rubbed it, stuck it and generally ignored my pain!! My only hope is that she woke up this morning with a huge, throbbing sore on her mouth!

I know…………I’m a great example of Christian love!

After 2 hours in the dentist’s office (!) the Mr. was dropping me off at work. I still hadn’t had lunch but I had heard through the grapevine that the boss was ordering pizza so at least that was one bright spot in my rainy ole day.

Unfortunately, before I could get out of the truck (in the pouring rain), I accidentally pushed the button on my umbrella and BANG!!!

My umbrella smacked the windshield as it opened in the cab of our truck!

Did I mention that it was pouring rain and the umbrella was wet????

The Mr. was NOT happy. 🙂

What can I say?

I started my day being clunked in the head with pick thingies!!



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