Morning already????

I’m not a morning person.

I know………..big shock!!

Of course, I’m not a night person either.

But, man, if you can catch me in the middle of the day, for a few minutes, I’m really with it!!

This is my philosophy on mornings:

When I was a kid, I remember that Me-maw would tell us to “roll right out of that bed in the morning”. She also accompanied that pearl of wisdom with a little hand clap. I don’t think she ever in all her life slept “late”. As a matter of fact, when she retired, I asked her how she liked retirement. She said, “Law, I slept until almost 7:30!”

Not sure why, but she used to say “law” a lot.

Anyway, I could never imagine Me-maw lazying around until noon in her pjs. Just wouldn’t happen.

Me-maw also used to say that when your feet the floor, you should “turn right around and make that bed”.

For real????

Who does that???

Well………Me-maw did. But I surely do not!

Sorry Me-maw!!

I’ve always been hard to wake up, even as a kid. Mom once sprinkled water in my face to get me up. Or maybe it was to wash my face. Either way, I did NOT care for it!

One year I got a chirping Woodstock for a gift. It hung from my ceiling in my room from a long coil and I thought it was pretty cute. I found a picture online and was saddened to discover that it is considered “vintage”!!!

How could 1972 be vintage?????

Wasn’t that just yesterday????

Anyway, when Dad would come to my room to try and get me up, he would turn on that chirping Woodstock, tug on it to start it bobbing around, then leave the room!!! The only way to stop that infernal noise was to get out of bed and turn it off!!! Pretty mean trick, if you ask me.

Of course, it didn’t help that you could hear him chuckling as he walked out of the room!

But Dad has always been a morning person.

How annoying!!

Especially to us middle-of-the-day people. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Morning already????

  1. Hey Mish…..I hope you are putting all these in a folder for safekeeping so you can write a book some day.People will pay money for this!!!!In the meantime….thanks for regularly strolling into my day and making me laugh!Love,Barb

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