Election 2012

Like most American’s, I made an attempt to watch the debates last night. I wanted to be “in the know” and be able to discuss intelligently the interaction between the two candidates.

So I watched the first 10 minutes………..

………..and the last 10 minutes.

Oh, yes………I’m an informed voter!!

But in those 20-ish minutes (not counting the time the Mr. and I spent yelling at the TV set!) I did find one comment that intrigued me. This particular candidate may be onto something. Now, I’m not sure enough about what he was talking about to quote him because, let’s face it, I was also checking the Facebook while “watching” the debates. But one of the dudes said something about not giving Big Bird any more federal money.

Now I have nothing against Big Bird.

Other than the fact that he’s a BIG bird (you know how I feel about birds!) but here’s something you may not know about me.

I have a deep, dark secret that I once shared with the Fierce’s and I’ve been criticized, crucified and condemned for it ever since.

But despite all that, I’m gonna share it with all of my loyal reader(s)………

I’m not a Muppet fan!

Not even a little bit.

As in, I HATE the Muppets!!!

I know. It just seems un-American but I can’t help it. I’ve never liked them. Not Cookie Monster, not Big Bird, not Grumpy (or whatever that garbage-can guy’s name is) and not even that silly Elmo.

But the worst of the worst is that frog and that pig!!!!

Those two get on my ever-loving last nerve!!!

The worst Christmas song in recorded history? The Muppets “Twelve Days of Christmas”. Makes me wanna rip my ears off!

Sometimes when the Mr. wants to get me riled up, he’ll start singing “Rainbow Connection” in that Kermit voice and I hit the roof!!! Drives me crazy!

I hope I haven’t pushed any of you away with my true confession but I feel a weight has been lifted by sharing my heart with you.

“It ain’t easy being green”???

Well it ain’t easy seeing Ms. Piggy and not thinking “BACON”!!!!



3 thoughts on “Election 2012

  1. Well, technically, I think the Muppets & Sesame Street are two different things altogether BUT I couldn’t agree with you more! I, too, hate the Muppets!!! Sesame Street isn’t as bad but I really would rather not watch either one. It must’ve been something in the water at our house growing up. Just another reason to vote for Mitt!!! 🙂

  2. I like many of my fellow fierces do overlook the hating on the much beloved muppets. 5 GOLDEN RINGS!!! BADA.DA BUMP BUMP…..sorry couldn’t resist….now it’ll be in your head!!!! we still love you Mishy!!! Lol

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