“The Boys of Ball”

It’s my favorite time of year.


I love most everything about fall; the changing leaves, the crisp but not too cold weather, even the smell of fall.

But the one thing I detest about this time of year?


I’m sorry Marcus, but it’s ruining my life!

And by life I mean TV!!!

Since the Mr. and I have but one vehicle, I have to wait about 30-40 minutes every day in the break room for him to pick me up. It’s really not a bad deal. There’s a TV back there and I generally put on TBS and watch an episode of Friends.

But not in October!!!

Oh no!! In October, TBS is filled up with “America’s Favorite Past time”.

Well, MY favorite past time is watching re-runs of old TV shows that I’ve seen so many times that I can say the dialog right along with the characters.

It’s a sickness, really.

And now I’m having withdrawal.

I need to see my Friends.

Never mind that the new TV season has started and I have a DVR box FULL of new shows that I don’t have time to watch.

Never mind that I OWN all but one season of Friends on DVD (hopefully I will be able to complete my collection at Christmas! HINT HINT).

And to make matters worse, I hear that the baseball won’t be over for a few more weeks.

But don’t worry about me (TBS certainly doesn’t!).

I’ll just play my favorite episodes in my head.

And if you see me laughing uncontrollably for no apparent reason, just know that I’m visiting with Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, Ross and Phoebe.

It’s all good.  🙂



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