Milk Carton Mish

Call off the search!!!

I’m here!!


You didn’t even notice that I was missing?????

Oh well, I’m back and boy do I have lots to say!!!

The problem is that I have no time to say it.

Type it.


Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about this nonsensical blog thing we’ve got goin’ and have, as a matter of fact, been writing LOTS of stories…………in my head.  And surprisingly enough, most of the stories are true!

I know!!!  Can you even believe it????

One of these days I’ll actually get it on here.

If I can remember.

I’m getting old, you know!!


And speaking of DVR’s………

We were speaking of DVR’s, right???

……….don’t you just hate when you sit down to watch a favorite show and realize that your DVR malfunctioned in some strange and odd way and didn’t tape your show????

And don’t you find it bizarre that we (and by we I mean ME) still use the term “tape” when there is no tape involved in any way with a DVR?

I must be showing my age.

At least I don’t still have 8-tracks.

Ok, so I DO still have 8-tracks.

But I don’t actually listen to them.

Ok, so I WOULD if I had a player.




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