Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose!

I’m having nose issues.

Not the usual nosey kind (which I normally suffer from on a daily basis) but the sniffy kind.

We’ve got family coming in from NY this weekend so we all know what that means…………Mish finally cleans her house!!!

With Tuesday being Election Day, the state had the day off. So what was a girl with a whole day off to do? She cleaned.

Now I’m gonna fess up that cleaning wasn’t my FIRST choice. It actually didn’t even crack the top 10 list of choices. But the Mr. decided he would work from home to make sure I stayed “motivated”!

Basically, he cracked the whip and I slaved away!!!

Don’t even let him tell you any different. We all know the truth.

The truth is that I hate to clean and if he hadn’t been home, I would have watched TV or played on the computer until about 4:45 then I would have buzzed through the house to make it look like I had worked hard.

Sad, but true.

Still I didn’t really appreciate it!!

Anyway, back to my nose issue.

I was cleaning the bathrooms and the Tilex smell was pretty strong. I didn’t think too much of it until I had to do the shower stall in the master bath. It’s tile from floor to ceiling. Actually, even the ceiling is tile. So I got in there and scrubbed away not really paying attention to the confined space until my eyes started to burn and my lungs felt like they would burst.

Smart, huh?!?!?!?!

For the next 2 days I felt like my lungs were on fire when I took a deep breath but this morning I was feeling pretty good.

That is, I was feeling pretty good until I got to work.

That’s when the toaster caught on fire and filled the break room with smoke!! And the funny thing about smoke is that it never stays in just the one room!!! So now it’s watery eyes and itchy nose and slightly sore throat. What a week!!

Unfortunately, these are not the worst things to go up my nose.

When I was a kid, our church had a hayride every year. The whole church would come and it was lots of fun!! Everyone came out to Elmo Logan’s farm and we loaded up on 3 or 4 wagons and snuggled up in the hay and blankets for a ride around the farm ending up at a big ole bonfire where we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. Then when we headed back to the house, it was dark and we would all sing and enjoy the time together. I looked forward to this every year.

One year though I decided that I didn’t want to sit in the back anymore. So I made my way to the front of the wagon. I sat on the edge with my legs dangling off the side. I was so brave for sitting up there by myself in the dark.

Right up there behind the tractor.

The tractor with the big honkin’ tires.

That’s when I felt it.

Something wet hit me in the face.

Then I smelled it.


COW manure.

FRESH cow manure.

In my face.

Up my nose.

Man, I’ve never moved so fast in all my life, clawing my way to the back of that wagon.

I’ve been a back row kind of girl ever since.



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