Thats The Night That The Lights Went Out

I remember hearing that song as a kid.  It used to scare me to death!!


‘Cause I’m all kinds of chicken!!!

Always was, always will be.

And then when the tune had finally left my consciousness, Reba decided to do a re-make and there it was again!!!

To this day, I turn down the radio when it comes on.

But recently there was a lights going out that just tickled me to no end!!

Mostly because it didn’t happen to me!  🙂

Last month the group that my little sister sings with, the Josh Martin Band, decided to stop performing and had their farewell concert here in Frankfort.  If you’ve never heard these guys, you really missed out!  Talent just oozes outta them.

Speaking of oozing (sorry Mom, had to do it!) that day, Molly and Steve went over to the church early to help set up (Steve mostly, Molly not so much) and do a sound check.  They hadn’t been feeling so good belly-wise that day so before the concert started, Steve thought he’d stop by the restroom since he would be behind the soundboard all night.

So Steve gets all settled and is taking care of business when suddenly, you guessed it, the lights went out!!!

Apparently the lights are on a timer so that they can save energy (I’m guessing) or maybe it’s just a fun little prank to play on the newbies but there he was…………pants around his ankles and in the pitch dark!!!!

Now, I know that it’s no fun having to use a strange bathroom when your tummy is gurglin’ but to have to clean up and then make your way to the sink in complete and utter darkness is just wrong!!

And funny!!!

Again, it’s funny because it wasn’t me!!!

So let that be a lesson to you…….check out the lighting situation in a different potty and maybe take a friend with you so that you can Marco Polo your way to the door!!

Happy weekend everyone!!




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