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The Misadventures of the Mr. and the Mish – Part 1


Ten to fifteen INCHES of snow.

The Mr.’s idea of fun?

Jump in the car and drive 500 miles right into it!!!

Thankfully, I caught up on my prayer time and only about 5 inches of snow fell.

We’ve had a good time of food and fellowship with family and friends and have even had the opportunity to do the one thing that both our boys absolutely love……..BOARD GAMES!!!

The Mr. and I have been staying with my in-laws and, since Andrew moved into his own place and took his awesome Tempur-pedic mattress, we brought our air mattress to sleep on.

The air mattress is a really nice Coleman mattress and I understand that this Coleman guy makes all kinds of camping gear but since the Mish don’t camp,we purchased the mattress for indoor use only.

Its not that I don’t like adventure sleeping.

I do.  I really do.

I just don’t like the potty situation at most camp outs.  I’m too old to squat!!!  (Sorry Mom for the bathroom talk at Christmas!)

Anyway, back to the mattress.  It’s actually 2 individual mattresses that can be zipped together to make one big mattress.  So when we got to Buffalo, we zipped them together, pumped them up and snuggled down for a warm snooze.

Only it’s not warm.

We’re in Buffalo.

In December.


So I snuggled up next to the Mr. and fell asleep.

The next thing I know, I’m rolling onto my mattress and I hear the Mr. mumbling something.

What???  Did you say something?


Sure enough, the Mr.’s side of the mattress had deflated and he was laying on the hard floor!!!

Of course, being the good wife that I am, I immediately suggested he sleep on the couch and I promptly fell back to sleep.

He picked a real winner, huh?!?!?!?!?

Upon inspection the next day, we found a little hole in the mattress but since we didn’t bring any duct tape, we decided to sleep on the pull-out couch.

This morning someone was nice enough to bring in a crane to heft our old bones out of the bed since we neither one could move.

Tonight we’re considering sleeping in the tub!! 🙂



Burning Down the House

burnt popcorn

Is there anything worse than being trapped at the office with the odor of burned popcorn?

What kind of dufus can’t make popcorn?

I mean, just stick it in the microwave and PAY ATTENTION!

Today someone put popcorn in the microwave and then watched it burn!!!

Who would do such a thing????

Oh yeah…………..this girl…………….




What a moron!!




I have a confession to make.

It’s really sad.

Not the kind of sad that will make you cry but the kind of sad that will make you shake your head and say “oh, Mish!”.

I’m looking forward to Saturday.

Not sad, you say???

I’m looking forward to Saturday because of a sandwich.

No, no………..hold those “oh, Mish”s till the end………

See, Saturday is my little sister’s birthday.  She requested that we have a girls’ movie day.  I’ve never attended one of my sister’s movie days because I was exiled to the Frozen Tundra but I believe it entails going to at least TWO movies and eating lunch AND supper out.   Now THAT’S a birthday celebration!!

But this year she’s included the boys in our movie day.  Which is fine with me.  I like the Mr. pretty good.  Sadly though she didn’t take the Mr.’s suggestion of “The Hobbit” as one of the movie choices.

Can you believe it??

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like Bilbo Baggins!!!

Anyway, as we’re making plans for our movie day, it’s brought to my attention that one of my favorite sandwiches is back!!!

And I can hardly wait!!!

The sandwich that is causing me to salivate 3 days in advance is none other than the world famous McRIB!!!!

{Ok, I’ll pause for the “oh, Mish”.  Don’t forget to shake your head!}

I know the McRib isn’t really meat.  I get that!!

But it’s for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!

And we’re having it for lunch!


I’m so excited!!


Count Your Blessings


I have a hairy dog.

Like, a HAIRY dog.

But he’s just as cute as can be!!!  He can’t help it if he’s a furry-magurry.

Last week after work, I made the dreaded trek to Kroger.

Nothing against Kroger.

I just detest grocery shopping.

Or ANY shopping!

When I got home, the Mr. and I carried the groceries in and I started putting stuff away.  Then in true Cinderella fashion, I immediately started fixing supper.

Actually before I started fixing supper, I went to the bathroom.  And of course, Taj had to go with me.  He hates to be left out!  Whilst seated, I bent down to pet the dog and he jumped up in my arms.

He missed me!!!

He was glad I was finally home!!

Now if I can just teach him to ask me about my day, we’ll be all set!

I washed my hands and headed back to the kitchen for KP duty.  I’m cooking away and just about have everything ready (at the same time, mind you!!) when I reach into the cabinet to get out plates.

That’s when I noticed a streak of dirt on my arm.

Where did I get dirty?

I’m mentally retracing my steps.




And it hits me!!

The Mr.’s not big on wiping the dog’s hiney…….

And since I wasn’t home………..

That weren’t no dirt!!!!!!

I’m just thankful that I didn’t think it was chocolate and lick it off!! 🙂






Who Are YOU????

Yesterday, I was at work, minding my own business {yes, really!!}, when out of nowhere my mental acuity was put to the test.

The door opened and I looked up to see who was coming in but since I didn’t recognize the white-haired gentleman and since my co-worker was standing near the counter, I just went back to my work.  {Yes, really!!}

Through the fog that is my brain at work, I began to be aware of some of the talk between my co-worker (or more aptly, my co-employee) and the stranger at the counter.  I heard something about “she is usually running her mouth” and “she’s not really working” or something like that.

And I thought “That’s pretty nervy of Doug to joke about the boss like that!”

Then I hear my name!

They are talking about ME!!!

Not working??

Running my mouth???

So I look up and they are looking right at me!!

Doug and this stranger.

This familiar looking stranger.

This familiar looking stranger who says something about how I can’t help the way I am since I have Marc for a brother.

I DO have a Marc for a brother!!!

Who IS this guy?!?!?!?!

So I said something stupid and tried to pretend I knew who I was talking too but I know it was pretty obvious that I didn’t.  I think I even heard white-haired-familiar-looking-stranger say to Doug “she doesn’t know who I am”.

Why don’t you TELL me who you are???

And with that I put my head down and get back to work {yes, really!!}.

Then the stranger turns to leave the office and says:

“Tell your Mom & Dad I said hi!”

And it hit me.

I know this guy!

Like, I’ve known this guy my whole ding-dong life!

We went to church together forever!


Of course, last time I saw him, he had dark hair.

That’s it.

It was the hair.

Not my mental capacity.

The hair!


Oh, by the way Mom and Dad……….Ricky Hammond says hi!  🙂