Who Are YOU????

Yesterday, I was at work, minding my own business {yes, really!!}, when out of nowhere my mental acuity was put to the test.

The door opened and I looked up to see who was coming in but since I didn’t recognize the white-haired gentleman and since my co-worker was standing near the counter, I just went back to my work.  {Yes, really!!}

Through the fog that is my brain at work, I began to be aware of some of the talk between my co-worker (or more aptly, my co-employee) and the stranger at the counter.  I heard something about “she is usually running her mouth” and “she’s not really working” or something like that.

And I thought “That’s pretty nervy of Doug to joke about the boss like that!”

Then I hear my name!

They are talking about ME!!!

Not working??

Running my mouth???

So I look up and they are looking right at me!!

Doug and this stranger.

This familiar looking stranger.

This familiar looking stranger who says something about how I can’t help the way I am since I have Marc for a brother.

I DO have a Marc for a brother!!!

Who IS this guy?!?!?!?!

So I said something stupid and tried to pretend I knew who I was talking too but I know it was pretty obvious that I didn’t.  I think I even heard white-haired-familiar-looking-stranger say to Doug “she doesn’t know who I am”.

Why don’t you TELL me who you are???

And with that I put my head down and get back to work {yes, really!!}.

Then the stranger turns to leave the office and says:

“Tell your Mom & Dad I said hi!”

And it hit me.

I know this guy!

Like, I’ve known this guy my whole ding-dong life!

We went to church together forever!


Of course, last time I saw him, he had dark hair.

That’s it.

It was the hair.

Not my mental capacity.

The hair!


Oh, by the way Mom and Dad……….Ricky Hammond says hi!  🙂



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