Count Your Blessings


I have a hairy dog.

Like, a HAIRY dog.

But he’s just as cute as can be!!!  He can’t help it if he’s a furry-magurry.

Last week after work, I made the dreaded trek to Kroger.

Nothing against Kroger.

I just detest grocery shopping.

Or ANY shopping!

When I got home, the Mr. and I carried the groceries in and I started putting stuff away.  Then in true Cinderella fashion, I immediately started fixing supper.

Actually before I started fixing supper, I went to the bathroom.  And of course, Taj had to go with me.  He hates to be left out!  Whilst seated, I bent down to pet the dog and he jumped up in my arms.

He missed me!!!

He was glad I was finally home!!

Now if I can just teach him to ask me about my day, we’ll be all set!

I washed my hands and headed back to the kitchen for KP duty.  I’m cooking away and just about have everything ready (at the same time, mind you!!) when I reach into the cabinet to get out plates.

That’s when I noticed a streak of dirt on my arm.

Where did I get dirty?

I’m mentally retracing my steps.




And it hits me!!

The Mr.’s not big on wiping the dog’s hiney…….

And since I wasn’t home………..

That weren’t no dirt!!!!!!

I’m just thankful that I didn’t think it was chocolate and lick it off!! 🙂







9 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. You wouldn’t wipe your niece’s and nephew’s hineys, bu you will wipe that daggum dogs? BTW… call Richie… I think Pic Pac delivers for a charge. You wouldn’t even have to go to the grocery anymore.

  2. I’m not a dog owner. Of course I never have been since Mom is terrified of anything that has fur and walks, so I guess I’m a little dumb in this area (amongst other areas! HA!). What I’m saying is…I am flabbergasted that you actually have to wipe a dogs hiney every time they poo. Is that normal?? It sure is disgusting!!

    • No, Shauna, it’s not normal!! But when have I ever been accused of being normal??? Anyway, Taj gets groomed every month (including shaving his hiney) but his hair grows so fast that if I don’t keep it trimmed up he may need to be wiped. Its not every time but its best to check it before he sits down!! I thought of your mom when I wrote this and I’m sure she’s totally grossed out…… the poo AND the dog!! 🙂

  3. Well, she probably hasn’t had the chance to read it yet, but when she does, I’m sure we will hear about you not only writing about your dog, but (gasp) including a picture of Taj as well. The nerve!! HEhe! I love you Mom!!! 😉

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