I have a confession to make.

It’s really sad.

Not the kind of sad that will make you cry but the kind of sad that will make you shake your head and say “oh, Mish!”.

I’m looking forward to Saturday.

Not sad, you say???

I’m looking forward to Saturday because of a sandwich.

No, no………..hold those “oh, Mish”s till the end………

See, Saturday is my little sister’s birthday.  She requested that we have a girls’ movie day.  I’ve never attended one of my sister’s movie days because I was exiled to the Frozen Tundra but I believe it entails going to at least TWO movies and eating lunch AND supper out.   Now THAT’S a birthday celebration!!

But this year she’s included the boys in our movie day.  Which is fine with me.  I like the Mr. pretty good.  Sadly though she didn’t take the Mr.’s suggestion of “The Hobbit” as one of the movie choices.

Can you believe it??

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like Bilbo Baggins!!!

Anyway, as we’re making plans for our movie day, it’s brought to my attention that one of my favorite sandwiches is back!!!

And I can hardly wait!!!

The sandwich that is causing me to salivate 3 days in advance is none other than the world famous McRIB!!!!

{Ok, I’ll pause for the “oh, Mish”.  Don’t forget to shake your head!}

I know the McRib isn’t really meat.  I get that!!

But it’s for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!

And we’re having it for lunch!


I’m so excited!!



5 thoughts on “MMMMMMMMM…..Sandwiches

  1. The truly sad part of this whole tale is the fact that you even know or care what a “Bilbo Baggins” is!! The McRib part doesn’t surprise me in the least. You and Molly are just a little bit too crazy about those things! And, Mom, the first rule of eating at MACdonalds is you don’t ever, ever ask what substance is being passed off as meat. Just slather it with some kind of “special” sauce–in this case, barbeque–and wash it down with a Diet Coke!

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