What Did You Say??


The Mr. and I met 15 years ago online.  This was in the days before texting or Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or any of that other stuff I don’t understand.

As my great-niece would say, it was in the 19’s.

Back in the 19’s we mostly communicated via e-mail.  Then we started to instant message through AOL.  Then came the long phone calls and then finally, we met face-to-face.  For five years we “dated” online and on the phone with a few visits back and forth when we could.

And now, 10 ½ years into marriage, we still keep the lines of communication open.

I’m just not sure which one of us is actually listening.

For example, here is our conversation last night after supper:

Me:  Did you realize that when you fed Taj yesterday morning, you opened a new can of dog food when there was already one open in the fridge?

Mr.:  They never offer 0% on a Tacoma or Tundra.

Me:  Yes, dear, I realize that.  Did you hear what I said?

Mr.:  Yes.

Me:  What did I say?

Mr.:  I can’t remember.

Me:  I just said it.  How did you already forget?

Mr.:  I heard it but my brain interpreted it as unimportant so I put it out of my mind.

How do you argue with that logic????

The man is actually blaming his BRAIN!!!!

But, on the bright side, at least he didn’t take the opportunity to point out the fact that he was feeding the dog while my lazy self was still sprawled out in the bed!

Thanks, hon!  You’re the best!! 🙂



3 thoughts on “What Did You Say??

  1. That reminds me of mine & Steve’s conversation several years ago…pre-hysterectomy when I said, “I’m wondering if I could be pregnant” to which my attentive husband said, “You stepped in what?” 🙂

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