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Be Careful What You Ask For

For the last couple of months I’ve been bugging the Mr. about something.

Ok…….I’ve been bugging him for at least 15 years now but I’m talking about a specific bugging.

For some reason, I’ve been wanting to get an elliptical.

I know.

It’s completely out of character for me.

I don’t know what’s come over me.

Actually, that’s a lie; I know exactly what’s come over me.

See, since October my family has been on a new diet.  It’s working really well and we’ve been encouraging each other and cheering each other on.

And I’ve lost quite a bit of weight.  I’ve still got a long way to go but its progress.

The problem is that my sister, Marti, is right on my heels.  Whenever we compare our loss, we are neck and neck.  I’ve kind of stalled the last few weeks and I’m just sure she’s caught up with me by now.  I’m afraid to ask!!!

All I know is that I’ve got to beat her!!!!

In the most loving and Christian of ways, of course.

I mean, I don’t want to hurt her.  I just want to win!!!

OK………If it hurts a little, it can’t be helped.

After all, she and Molly used to get me down on the ground and beat me with my own socks so a wee bit of pain would be alright.

But mostly it’s the desire to win!!


Hence, the elliptical.

We picked it up on Saturday at the Wal-mart and the Mr. decided that since it was so heavy, we would just unpack the box in the truck and carry it up to our bedroom in pieces.

Good plan.

But really what that means is that HE unpacks the box and I make a million trips up and down the stairs!!!

He’s no dummy.

After about 2 hours of “intense fellowship” we got that stupid thing put together.


And there it sat.

For two days.

But since it obviously wasn’t helping me by just sitting there, I decided yesterday to officially start my exercise regime.

After spending 20 minutes looking for something to wear, I finally found some shorts with a hole in the backside and some old tennis shoes.  I was ready to go.

Then the Mr. informed me that I needed to stretch first.  I figured I had stretched enough getting into those shorts but I found the stretches recommended in the book and got to work.

As I’m struggling to touch my toes, I realize that Taj is watching my every move.  With each stretch he’s tilting his little head as if confused by this new and strange behavior.

Much like he does when I make the bed or run the vacuum cleaner.

I finally got all stretched out and realized I had no water to drink.

I must stay hydrated, right???

So off I went to the kitchen to find a bottle of water.

Then I had to sit on the bed to catch my breath.

By this point I think my stretched out muscles had bounced back into their pre-stretched state, but I pushed on.

I put on the TV and climbed up on the dreaded machine.  I started at a pretty good pace.

Swish, swish, swish.

I was looking good.


I needed a breather.

I took my pulse.


Time lapsed:  1 minute.

Swish, swish, swish.


Break #2.

Finally after 10 minutes (which is really about 5 ACTUAL minutes of swishing and many, MANY breaks), I felt like I had done enough for the first day.

I forced my jello legs to climb down off that crazy thing that I had spent my hard-earned money on (ok, maybe not “hard-earned” but “earned” nonetheless) and collapsed on the bed.

And that’s how the Mr. found me.

Remember when I said that a little pain would be ok??

I meant for Marti………not me!!!!




My Funny Valentine


Today’s the day.

The one day a year that I have to try to be romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love romance.  I love romantic movies and I love flowers and chocolate.  I’m just not an overly romantic person.

Luckily for me, the Mr. isn’t too sappy either!

When we first met, I explained to him that while I appreciate a man opening a door for me, I can hop in and out of the car just fine by myself.

Well, maybe not hop but I can slowly roll out pretty good……most of the time!

We are not an overly affectionate couple.  We never have been.  We don’t feel the need to smooch all the time.  If you do, that’s fine but it’s just not us.

So the things that I find sweet & endearing are often not romantic at all.

If the Mr. empties the dishwasher for me (which I HATE to do), I swoon!

Well, maybe not an actual swoon because I’m not a weirdo.

Well, maybe I AM a weirdo but not a swoon-y one!

One of the most romantic things the Mr. ever did for me was when we were dating long distance and I flew up to Buffalo for a visit.  The Mr. picked me up at the airport and when we got in his car, there was a small cooler in between the seats.  Tucked inside that cooler was an icy cold Diet Coke!

Now THAT’S love!!!

Another time, right after we were married, the Mr., our boys and the Mr.’s brother went to see Rush play at Darien Lake.  Since that didn’t sound at ALL fun to me, I stayed with my in-laws and we went to Shakespeare in the Park.  It was really a lot of fun but the Mr. didn’t get back to pick me up until really late.  I was getting a bit snacky but hadn’t been in the family long enough to ask for something.  When the concert was over, the guys stopped at McDonald’s and the Mr. ordered me a couple of cheeseburgers.  His brother thought that was crazy since they would be stone-cold by the time they got to where I was waiting.  The Mr. said, “Trust me.  I know my wife.”

He does indeed!!!

I scarfed down those burgers in record time!

How sweet that the Mr. thought of me.

So today, I wanna wish my Mr. a happy Valentine’s Day and thank him for the beautiful flowers he sent me this morning.


But just so you don’t think he’s too mushy, check out the way he signed the card:


That’s my man!!

Happy V-Day everybody!!


Rolling In The Deep

Taj 2

I am, without a doubt, owned by the cutest dog in the world!!

There is no question at our house who the Alpha Dog is.

The Mr.

Now, I’m not exactly sure where I fall in the rankings but in a household of 3, I know I’m at least 4!

That dog has me wrapped right around his Frito-smelling paw!

And no, he’s paws don’t “smell” Fritos.

They smell LIKE Fritos!!

Aaaaannnnndddd now I’m craving Fritos!  GREAT!!

The little man  has had a bad week.  You may remember the issue we had last Sunday  (the Saga of the Poop Coat) and the bath that ensued.  Two days after that he went to the groomers for a trim, butt shave, mani/pedi, and yet another bath.

As if that weren’t enough, over the weekend I noticed that there was blood in his stool.

Not the kind of stool you stand on.

Well, unless your not paying attention and you step in it.

But that’s a whole other story!

I did what all good doggie-mom’s would do.  I PANICKED!!!

So on Monday, I took off work to take him to the vet (along with a “sample”) and now he’s really mad!

He didn’t really appreciate having to be weighed (15.3 lbs) and got a little stressed at standing on the metal table.  But when that doctor stuck the thermometer up his BE-hind, he gave me a look like, “How can you let this happen to me????”.

The doc said that everything looked fine and he gave us some pills for Taj to take for 6 days and then he asked the dumbest of all dumb questions:

Do you want us to test the sample???

No………I just enjoy picking up poop!!

Was he for real????

Of course, dippy!!  That’s why I brought it.

Actually, it’s why I turned around and went back home when I realized that I left it on the kitchen table.

Don’t worry…….it was in a Ziploc bag inside of a brown bag.

The Mr. flipped out too!!!  🙂

Then to make sure Taj was good and mad at me, the vet said that it wouldn’t hurt if I didn’t feed Taj anything else the rest of the day.


Well, I held out as long as I could but around 7:00 that night I broke down and gave him a little bit of his dog food.  He was STARVING!!!!  Poor little guy!!

So if that wasn’t trauma enough, the next day (Tuesday) I came home from work and the Mr. yells out “Don’t touch the dog!!”  I look down at him and the side of his face is covered in something brown (Taj, that is, not the Mr.).  Turns out, he (again, Taj, not the Mr.) was rolling around in the wormy dirt outside!!  UGH!!

I grab a rag and clean him up but his face still stinks.

Do you know what wormy dirt smells like?


And Dirt!!!

Before we went to bed, I got some of his dog perfume………

It’s not really dog perfume.

It’s this spray that makes him smell better.

Ok………’s dog perfume!!

…………….and I put a little on my hands and rubbed it on the side of little face.

Did I mention that Taj is NOT a fan of this spray????  He generally runs when I pull it out.  So he immediately starts sneezing (I think he was faking!) and rubbing his face on the Mr.’s pillows and blankets (don’t mention this to the Mr.!!).

But he smelled better.

Which brings us to yesterday.

I let Taj out before I headed back to work from lunch.  He did his business then I noticed he was really interested in a spot in the yard.  And before I could say boo, he was scrubbing his face in the wormy dirt again!!!  When I got his attention, he looked at me and then did a full body roll around in that worm juice!!!!

He was caked with smelly dirt and worm excrement!!!

I mean, I assume there was worm excrement.  Where else would they go????

So after work it was back to the tub!!!!

He is NOT my biggest fan this week.