My Funny Valentine


Today’s the day.

The one day a year that I have to try to be romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love romance.  I love romantic movies and I love flowers and chocolate.  I’m just not an overly romantic person.

Luckily for me, the Mr. isn’t too sappy either!

When we first met, I explained to him that while I appreciate a man opening a door for me, I can hop in and out of the car just fine by myself.

Well, maybe not hop but I can slowly roll out pretty good……most of the time!

We are not an overly affectionate couple.  We never have been.  We don’t feel the need to smooch all the time.  If you do, that’s fine but it’s just not us.

So the things that I find sweet & endearing are often not romantic at all.

If the Mr. empties the dishwasher for me (which I HATE to do), I swoon!

Well, maybe not an actual swoon because I’m not a weirdo.

Well, maybe I AM a weirdo but not a swoon-y one!

One of the most romantic things the Mr. ever did for me was when we were dating long distance and I flew up to Buffalo for a visit.  The Mr. picked me up at the airport and when we got in his car, there was a small cooler in between the seats.  Tucked inside that cooler was an icy cold Diet Coke!

Now THAT’S love!!!

Another time, right after we were married, the Mr., our boys and the Mr.’s brother went to see Rush play at Darien Lake.  Since that didn’t sound at ALL fun to me, I stayed with my in-laws and we went to Shakespeare in the Park.  It was really a lot of fun but the Mr. didn’t get back to pick me up until really late.  I was getting a bit snacky but hadn’t been in the family long enough to ask for something.  When the concert was over, the guys stopped at McDonald’s and the Mr. ordered me a couple of cheeseburgers.  His brother thought that was crazy since they would be stone-cold by the time they got to where I was waiting.  The Mr. said, “Trust me.  I know my wife.”

He does indeed!!!

I scarfed down those burgers in record time!

How sweet that the Mr. thought of me.

So today, I wanna wish my Mr. a happy Valentine’s Day and thank him for the beautiful flowers he sent me this morning.


But just so you don’t think he’s too mushy, check out the way he signed the card:


That’s my man!!

Happy V-Day everybody!!



4 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. Wowweee-wow-wow!!! Those are some beautiful flowers….but I’d be sneezing my head off!!! 🙂 And very nice advertising for Tingle’s Riverview Florist…you should charge Ronnie for that one. 🙂

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