Slip Sliding Away


It snowed last night.

Not a lot.

But enough that I begged the Mr. to drive me to work.

He was thrilled!!

The problem is that he goes to work at 7:30 and I can’t get into my building until 7:45.

So what’s a girl to do????

A girl hangs out at Subway, that’s what!

The Mr. drops me off and goes on his merry way.

I order a very diet-friendly breakfast and sit and wait.

I look out the window.

I check my e-mail.

I check the Facebook.

And then it hits me.

I’ve got to WALK to work.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I’m lazy by nature, but the issue wasn’t the distance.   It was the icy, snowy street and sidewalk that stretch between me and safety!

See, from Subway, I have to cross St. Clair Street and then cross Main Street, then I have to walk up Main Street to my building.

{Ok……..It’s not technically MY building; I just work there!}

Lots of opportunity for me to fall on my hiney.

And lots of opportunity for said fall to be witnessed by others!

Now, at this time of the morning it’s not like the streets were teeming with people.  It’s Frankfort, after all.  But all it takes is one!!

So I start out like the little old woman that I am all the while repeating these words in my head:  “Don’t fall; don’t fall”

Shuffle, shuffle.

“Don’t fall; don’t fall”

I get across St. Clair without incident but now there are cars at the stop signs.  The pressure is on.

Shuffle, shuffle.

“Don’t fall; don’t fall”

I’m across Main.

Now for the big finish.

Shuffle, shuffle.

Why didn’t I wear better shoes???

Shuffle, shuffle.

And then a song pops into my head.  Not the whole song, just the end.

And my mantra changes.

It’s no longer “Don’t fall; don’t fall”; it’s now “We fall down, we fall down”.


Why can’t I be singing about warm, sunny, summer days???

Or at the very least a song about staying UPRIGHT!!

But, oh no, my silly brain goes to “We fall down”!!  I don’t even really know that song!!

I finally made it to the office without making a complete and utter fool of myself.

That’s a good day, right there!!

But rest assured that if I had indeed fallen down, in the tense state that I was in I would surely have shattered every bone in my body.

This is why little old ladies shouldn’t walk on icy, snowy streets!!!




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