And The Winner Is………

Life isn’t about keeping score.

I read that on a blog today.

But if we’re not keeping score, how do we know who’s winning????


When our boys were younger, the Mr. would chase them up the stairs at bedtime pretending that he was a lion about to eat them.  The kids would climb over the couch, screaming and scrambling up the stairs.  If the “lion” got hold of them, he would drag them back down the steps and they’d have to start over.  All the while, the Mr. was growling like a lion and the kids were laughing and screaming!  They loved it.

It scared me to death!!!  I was just waiting for the day when someone’s chin would get busted open on the steps but that day never came, thank the Lord!!!

As the boys outgrew the game, the “lion” turned his attention toward me!!!  Thankfully, the Mr. was smart enough to know that if he pulled me down the stairs, it would be “Big Trouble In Little China”!!!  That would NOT be appreciated.  But he’d still dare me to make it to the top of the stairs before he could get to me.  He didn’t growl as much but there was definitely laughing and screaming on my part and I’m sure there was a time or two the neighbors wondered what in the world was going on.

Last night we decided to head to bed early so we could watch TV before going to sleep.

We’re an exciting couple like that.

So while the Mr. was in the kitchen, I casually mention that Taj and I were going to head upstairs.  Of course, by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, the Mr. was right there!!

“You’ll never make it”

I assured him that I would wait right there for him to be done.


He heads back to the kitchen with Taj right at his heels and I took my opportunity!

I ran as fast my little Pika-legs would carry me and since the real goal is to get to the top, I DOVE the last few steps and landed in a heap at the top of the stairs just as the Mr. got to me!!  All the while Taj is barking like a crazy man and thinks the Mr. is trying to kill me.  There was lots of laughing and screaming.

Then I realized that, with age, comes a new aspect of the game.

The goal now is to get to the top of the stairs without wetting your pants.

Getting old is not for the faint of heart.

As we go into the bedroom to get ready for our exciting night of “Dr. Who”, I notice that the Mr. has a sense of urgency about him.

Game #2 is afoot!!

This game consists of who can get IN the bed first.   The catch is that you have to be completely ready for bed…….pills taken, jammies on, contacts out.

The big problem is that while the Mr. is just getting himself ready, I have to close the drapes, set the alarms and change clothes after the epic fail at the end of the last game!!

At this point, we are both moving around like madmen trying to be the first in the bed.  I see that there is no way I’m going to beat the Mr. until I realize that he’s still wearing his contacts!!!  YES!!!

I quickly remind him that he’s got to get those contacts out but he informs me that he’ll just sleep in them!!  Fine………let them fuse to your eyeballs in the night!!  WHATEVER!!!

I grab my nightgown and head into the bathroom.  That’s when I hear the Mr. in the other bathroom!!

Now’s my chance!!!

I jump into my gown, wash my hands and just as I turn the doorknob, I hit the lights.  All I gotta do is hop into that bed and I’m the victor!!!

But the door won’t open!!

Is the Mr. holding the door???

No, I can still hear  him in the other bathroom.

That stinker has put a chair up against the door!!!!

He has trapped me in!!!

What a cheater!!!

Now I’m banging on the door yelling to be let out since this is obviously a violation of the rules!

Meanwhile, Taj is going berzerko!!!

Eventually the Mr. strolls into the bedroom, calm as you please, removes the chair and I see him do a perfect swan-dive into the bed!

He thinks he’s won!

Little does he know that I’ve got a call into the KY Gaming Commission to report his blatant disregard for the rules!!

Never fear, once I get some Depends, I’ll be unstoppable!!  🙂



3 thoughts on “And The Winner Is………

  1. Most times when the Mr. wins its still a loss as any married man with more than 2 years of married life under his belt can tell you but it’s still fun playing the game…lol

  2. You’re the pee-pee girl!!!! LOL! Didn’t know if I wanted to read the details of your bedroom games or not but that was funny!!!

  3. Ya’ll just crack me up! I never knew the Mr. was so much fun. He seems so mild mannered and calm most of the time. I’ll have to share this with Rick. He’ll love it!

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