Anybody Want a Treat?

Taj 2

Taj has been to the vet this week and he was told he needs to lose weight.

Welcome to the club, buddy!!

The poor little guy is always STARVING!!!  At supper he’ll beg from me and the Mr. until we’re done eating then he’ll head over to his own food and glomb it down.

He’s a bottomless pit.

He gets that from his mother!!

I usually give him some of what I’m having (hence, the weight issue) but he also has his own treats.

You know, the ones for actual dogs.

Yes, he does know he’s a dog.

Well, he does NOW.

We tried to keep it from him.

And by “we” I mean ME.

The Mr. has no problem treating Taj like a dog.

Though truth be told, Taj is still a little unclear about whether he’s a dog or a cat.  When he was a puppy his Momma Karen had 2 cats so Taj developed some cat-like tendencies.  He loves to sit on the back of my chair and watch the world go by our little corner of Frankfort.  He’s like the animal version of Gladys Kravitz.  NOTHING happens on our street without Taj being aware and barking at it!

His other feline trait is his love of cat treats.

I mean LOVE of cat treats.

He goes berserk when he sees the container and acts as if he hasn’t eaten in days instead of minutes.

Sometimes when he’s outside, I can’t get him to come in.  Not just that but I can’t even get him to acknowledge my presence!  He’s like a teenager.  Until I say the magic word.

“Taj, you wanna treat?”

That guy whips his head around so fast I’m sure he’s going to get whiplash!!  And he comes FLYING into the house looking for his cat treats.  This little trick comes in really handy in the morning when it’s 20 degrees outside.

Dude, you may be wearing a fur coat but your mom is in her nightgown!!!  Get in the bloomin’ house!

I had a whiplash moment myself this morning.

You all know by now that the Mr and I (and my whole family) have been on a diet and we’ve all done really well.  But this last couple of weeks has been a real struggle for me.  I told the Mr. last weekend that I’ve got to stick to the diet better or Marti will beat me!!

And I’ll not have that.

I told him that no matter how weak I get and no matter what sinful food I suggest, don’t let me fall off the wagon.  All I had to do was get to the weekend and I could have something I craved.

Sure enough, yesterday I suggested Taco Johns for lunch.

The Mr. was strong.

Last night I mentioned Jimmy Johns for supper.

Again, the Mr. was my rock.

{Notice I have a thing for “John”.  Wonder why that is????}

This morning I got to work with my bottle of water and my diet approved breakfast bar.  I texted the Mr. that I really was having a hard time, especially since my co-worker was eating biscuits and gravy and it smelled sooooo good!

Then it happened.

The phone rang.

It was another co-worker who was on her way to the office and stopped at Chick-Fil-A.  Did anyone want anything???????

My head snapped around so fast, I got a little dizzy!


My favorite.

Heck yeah, somebody wants something!

I’ll take one of each!!!

Should I?

Should I not?

Am I strong?

Am I weak?

Can I hold out this one more day?



Sorry, Mr. 😦



2 thoughts on “Anybody Want a Treat?

  1. Not everyone is as strong as John!!! It’s chick-fil-a!!!! Holy flippin pickles!!!!! That looks yummy, btw!!! There’s always tomorrow!!! Besides once in awhile you gotta have something bad. like right now, I’m having tea and Reece peanut butter chocolate cookies….so not diet approved!!! But yummy!!!

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