I Have the Power

When my brother was little, he loved super heroes.

His all time favorite was the Incredible Hulk.  He would tell us “You won’t like me when I’m angry” and proceed to grit his teeth and shake like he was transforming into the green guy.

It was quite hysterical.

Another favorite was He-man.

Marc watched that cartoon every day.  In each episode, He-man would protect the world from the evil Skeletor with the “Power of Grayskull”.

Personally, I think He-man could have used a good haircut!


I found out today that apparently I have the power as well.

Not the “Power of Grayskull” but the “Power of Laziness”.

Yes, I know.

You’re shocked!

When we lived in Silver Creek, there was a local restaurant called Red’s Pizza Express.  They served pizza and wings (big surprise!) and had the best subs.


The subs were so good that my friend, Cara, still talks about the sub she ate from there when she came to visit 11 years ago!!!

Now that’s a good sub!

Actually, everything was good at Red’s.

But the very best part was that Red’s delivered.

No need to cook.

No need to clean.

No need to even get up outta your chair.

Well, ok, you have to get up when they get to your house.

They won’t just walk in.

That would be weird.

I have to say that to-your-door delivery is the best invention.

I’m still waiting for grocery delivery.

That would be awesome!!

We ordered so often from Red’s that we eventually started getting Christmas cards.

From Red’s!!!

How embarrassing.

I asked around and nobody else that I knew got a Christmas card from Red’s.

Just us.

When you start getting Christmas cards from a restaurant, you are eating there way too much.

Today I found out on the Facebook that Red’s has officially closed.

That’s when I realized the power that is within me.

The Power of Laziness.

It was my laziness that kept Red’s in business all those years.

And it was my moving my laziness back to Kentucky that forced Red’s to close.

To all my friends in Silver Creek, I’m so sorry.

I should have used my power for good and not evil.

Goodbye, Red’s.

You will be missed.



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