A Throwback

Taj 2

I shared a few weeks ago about how Taj’s doctor said he needed to lose weight.

Well, actually he said “It wouldn’t  hurt if we saw less of of Taj”.

So really he could have been telling me to stop coming to the vet so often.

Of course,  he followed that up with “maybe 5 pounds less” and then they did the hard sell on diet dog food so I’m thinking he probably meant that Taj is a little fatty fat.

I’ve changed his food, I’ve tried to feed him less table scraps and, since the weather has warmed up, the Mr. has forced me to go along on a few more walks.

Though we have to call them “w’s” because Taj knows what “walk” means and he goes crazy with excitement and I’m filled with guilt if I’m too lazy to go, which is most of the time.

So with all these changes I really haven’t noticed any significant weight loss.

Which is weird because Taj is a boy and we all know that boys lose weight faster than girls!!!

Am I right, ladies????

Well, today I think I’ve stumbled onto the answer.

It’s not his fault that he’s big.

And more importantly, it’s not MY fault either.

He’s a throwback.

What is a throwback, you ask.

What?  You didn’t ask????

A throwback Pomeranian is “a full-grown adult Pom that is not overweight and is bigger than 14 pounds”.

That’s Taj!

And this is a real thing.

I saw it on the Facebook.

So that got me to thinking.

Am I really overweight???

Or am I just a Throwback?????





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