Oh Yes They Call Him The Streak

One of the drawbacks to having a fluffy dog is that he makes at trip to the groomer once a month.  Not his favorite day but he endures it.


Spring finally decided to arrive here in KY and since the Mr. and I have started to shed coats, hats, gloves and galoshes, we figured it was time for the little guy to get his first summer haircut.

He gets so hot in the summertime with all that hair so yesterday I told them to take him pretty short.

Well, they took me at my word and MY WORD is he tiny!!

One of the ladies at the vet’s office even mentioned when I came to pick him up how much smaller he is with no hair.  And when they brought him out, I could see what she meant.

My poor boy was NAKED!

As a jaybird!!!

With his still-fluffy tail and his now-giant-looking head, he looks less like a fox and more like a lion.

He’s still cute as a little button.

Don’t you agree, Debra Ann????

Here’s some pictures we took when we got home:





For the record, they always put a ribbon around his neck and he absolutely hates it!  He’s constantly scratching at it until I take it off.

Probably because he looks like a sissy wearing it!

Oh…..and also for the record………

{Who exactly is keeping up with all these records???}

{It’s certainly not me!!}

……..we weighed him at the vet’s office and he has lost 1 pound and 1 ounce in the last month.


Of course, we don’t know if that’s a loss of body fat or hair but a victory nonetheless.  🙂



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