Don’tcha just hate horn tooters??

Not tooters of actual horns. I’ve got no problem with those folks.  In fact, one of my favorite people in the whole world is a great saxophone player.

I’m looking at  you, Andrew!!!

The horn tooters I’m speaking of are the ones who brag about their own accomplishments.

If your accomplishment is so great, why not just wait for someone else to toot it for you?

Doesn’t it mean more to you if someone else toots your horn???

That doesn’t sound quite right.

Moving right along………

When I hear someone tooting their own horn, my usual reaction is to tune them right out.  And of course, an eye-roll is always involved.

It just gets on my ever-loving last nerve!

With that being said, let me say this:


I came in the office this morning and was propositioned right off the bat!

You see, a co-worker had ordered his breakfast from the diner down the street and asked for 2 biscuits and gravy.  Well, since an order is 2 biscuits, they gave him 2 ORDERS and would I like one?


Are you new here????

Of course I would!!!!

And for a split second I thought about grabbing that biscuit and gravy, diving in and eating my way out.

But I’ve had a good food week.

I’ve stuck to my eating plan.

I’ve been HOT for 4 days in a row with today being day 5.

I’m planning to be COLD for the weekend.

Do I want this biscuit and gravy???


But the fact that I’m wearing a shirt today that I haven’t been able to fit into and that now looks GREAT helped me stay HOT.

So no, thank you, I’ll stick with my peanut butter on double-fiber bread sprinkled with hemp hearts.


But tomorrow?

Now that’s another day all together!  🙂

So now that you’ve heard my toot, feel free to toot about me the rest of the day!



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