I Cannot Tell A Lie

Once upon a time there lived a little girl.

This little girl loved Gilligan’s Island so she insisted that her family call her “Ginger”.

Ginger was a precious little thing and as a middle child she craved attention.

One of her favorite pastimes was gathering her sisters into her “church” (which was just a big space behind a hedge row beside the house) where she led the “congregation” in some singing of hymns and then the praching began!!

Boy could Ginger ever more preach!!

Of course, when she was preaching she wasn’t called Ginger.

She was Dr. Boatwright.

Sometimes she even managed to get those heathens saved so Ginger would take them to the wading pool and “baptize” them.

And since Ginger was a Baptist, that means she dunked ‘em good!!!

When Ginger was in kindergarten, she decided one day to take her sister’s toy for Show and Tell.

donald duck

She was so excited!!

She put the Donald Duck toy in a brown paper bag and couldn’t wait until it was her turn.

Unfortunately, for me…..I mean Ginger….she couldn’t keep a secret worth a diddly-squat and told her friend Mary Beth what she had in the bag.

Finally it was my Ginger’s turn in the middle of the circle.

The teacher asked if anyone wanted to guess what item Ginger had brought.

Up shot the hand of that stinkin’ Mary Beth!!

When the teacher called on MB, she said “Ginger brought a Donald Duck toy”.

Teacher:  Is that what’s in the bag?

Ginger:  NOPE!

On and on the guessing went while Ginger basked in the attention of her class.

When all the guesses had been made, the teacher asked Ginger to reveal her item.

Out came the Donald Duck.

Well, let me tell you, that teacher was none too pleased with me, I mean her!!

And I think it’s safe to say that was the end of the friendship with Mary Beth!

Sadly, Ginger’s family still brings up this indiscretion lo these many years later.

After all, if she lied to Mary Beth, can she really be trusted?????

But personally, I think they overlook the real lesson here, which is:





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