Skinheads, Automatic Doors and Summer in a Bowl

It was hot yesterday.

I mean H-O-T!

So I took Taj to the Salon.

Actually I took him to his vet’s office because they groom dogs there but since it costs so bloomin’ much, I feel better to think of it as a Salon.

Of course, he got the usual……..bath, haircut, hiney shave & nails trimmed.

Now, I don’t know if it was because of the heat or what, but that little groomer girl really, REALLY cut his hair short this time.

Like, REALLY short.

Here’s a picture of my little skinhead that I took last night……


Actually he’s still got a hairy head. It’s his body that’s skinned but I don’t think the term “skinbody” is an actual word.

And that not really skin.  His undercoat is just really light.

But with his poofy head and tail, he looks like a little lion.

Actually he looks like a BIG-HEADED lion!!!

I wish I had a face picture to show you.

Imagine his little spindly chicken legs holding up a body with a ginormous head!!!

Quite hysterical but don’t tell him I was laughing at him.

I don’t want to hurt his little feelings.

So at lunch today I had to run some errands.

Actually it was just the one errand to Rite Aid but by the time I got from downtown to Rite Aid on the east side I had eaten up a bunch of my lunch hour.

And I would much rather eat something good at lunch than eat time.

Gives me heartburn.

I don’t know if any of you have been to the Rite Aid on the east side of Frankfort but let me tell you, it’s like going back to the 1950’s.

At least I imagine it is because I wasn’t even thought of in the 50’s.

The first time I ever went there, I just about busted my nose walking in.

I go be-bopping up to the door and right before hitting the glass, I realized the doors are not automatic.

Oh no they are not!!

You have to manually pull those doors open.

Pull them open!


People, we are in the year of our Lord 2013 and this Rite Aid has manual doors!!



I may have to switch to CVS.

It’s very disturbing.

So after my whirlwind trip to the Rite Aid of the past, I stopped at Wendy’s to get me and the Mr. some lunch.

The Mr. likes the chili but those beans look just like cockroaches so I don’t go near it!!

This was my lunch:


If you’ve not gotten the Berry Almond Chicken Salad at Wendy’s before, RUN to get one!!

It’s awesome!!

It comes with a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette that is so yummy I could just drink it!

I’m sure that you, like me, are a little in shock right now.

Did I, Mish, really just give a rave review for a SALAD?????


Yes I did!

Will wonders never cease!!  🙂




3 thoughts on “Skinheads, Automatic Doors and Summer in a Bowl

  1. “People, we are in the year of our Lord 2013 and this Rite Aid has manual doors!!” That line made me cackle out loud at my desk!! You are a hot mess!

  2. OMG – totally busted OUT LOUD at work re the “manual doors” – actually, I am still laughing. I do agree with you on the Wendy’s salad – very YUMMY!

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