The Not-so-Great Outdoors

I’m an in-doorsy kind of girl.

I know…’re shocked.

But I’ve never been a fan of being outside.

Whether it’s hot or cold, I’d rather be in.

That’s where the TV is.

But the Mr. is different.

He loves to camp and sit in the yard and play Frisbee golf and hike and all manner of different un-Mish-like activities.

But he knew what he was getting when  he married me so I don’t feel too sorry for him.  🙂

He finally hit on the outdoor activity that I can get into.


Well, not swimming exactly.

More like thrashing around in cool, refreshing, chlorinated water.

Not river water.

Not lake water.

And not fish-y water!!

When I was a kid, my brother, Marc, and I would BEG our dad to get us a pool.


But he wouldn’t budge.


So when the Mr. and I married, it was an added bonus that his parent’s had a pool.

Or maybe the pool was the incentive and the marriage was the bonus.

Just joshin’!!

More or less.  😉

The first few years of swimming, I mean marriage, were bliss.

Then my in-laws got this crazy notion to take down the pool.

Are you kidding me???

If you HAVE a pool, why would you ever get rid of it????

At the time we had a boat so I tried not to make too big a stink over it but I think they knew I was unhappy.

Something about me not having a poker face, I think.

I get that from my mother.

So what is a girl with no pool to do???

She starts nagging her husband, that’s what!

And I nagged and I nagged and I nagged.

And lo and behold………..HE CAVED!!

He actually caved!

Can you believe it????

Unfortunately, along with a pool comes hard work.

Hard OUTSIDE work.

{Could this be why my in-laws got rid of their pool???  Hmmmmmm}

So the last few weeks, I have spent more time in the yard than I think I ever have in my whole life.

And we’re not done yet.

Landscaping must be done.

More outside work!

A deck must be built.

More outside work!

And do you people know what lives outside????


Do you know what I hate more than anything in life????


But apparently the bugs like me.

More specifically, mosquitoes like me.

No, mosquitoes LOVE me.

I am like sugar to them!!!

My legs are completely eaten up.  I can’t even be outside for a second without being swarmed by mosquitoes.

The Mr.???

Not one single bite!

I think he may be in cahoots with the mosquitoes.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at these lovely legs.


Actually it’s just one leg, but you get the gist.

{The bruise is a nice touch, don’t you think????}

I’m one itchy girl so I looked online to find some home remedies for mosquito bites.

There were some interesting ideas but the one I chose?

The Scotch tape method of itch relief.

Yep, that’s right.

I’m sitting here with bits of tape all over my legs.

And I do believe it’s working………I haven’t scratched in MINUTES!!



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