Midnight Snacking

You may remember that back in March, our not-so-slender Taj was told by the vet that he was a little chunky.

Poor guy.

He gets that from his mother.

Anyway, we immediately put him on a diet.  We bought some dry food and some moist food from the vet.

Doesn’t that sound yummy?

Just what you want in a food…….MOIST!

Anyway, Taj loves the canned food but could care less about the dry.  In fact he carries it around and deposits it all over the house.

He’s such a messy eater.

He gets that from his mother as well.

I’ve been back to the vet’s office many times in the last few months to get more canned food but he’s still working on that 6 lb. bag of dry.

A few weeks ago I ran out of canned food and just didn’t have time to stop at the vet’s for more so I had to resort to the good ole Beneful that he always ate before.  I had stocked up right before he got put on a diet.

So for about a week, Taj chowed down on his favorites from the past.

He LOVED it!!

And for those few days I noticed something kinda strange.

I was having to refill the dry food almost every day.


Then for a few mornings in a row, I came down to the kitchen and his bowl was completely empty!!!

He ate it ALL!!

I knew the bowl had dry food in it at bedtime so Taj must have been sneaking down to snack in the middle of the night.

Poor little guy…..he must have been starving!!

But once I got him back on the diet food, all that midnight snacking stopped.

The Mr. and I have been noticing that Taj has been really sniffy around the Mr.’s desk.  Whenever we’re in his office, Taj will smell all around one side of the desk.  I’m not sure what he’s smelling because the desk legs go all the way down to the floor.

It’s been sort of bizarre.

Until the Mr. did some investigating.

This past Wednesday night, the Mr. was on his computer and Taj was once again sniffing all around the desk.  Ever the curious sort, the Mr. decided to take the bottom drawer out of the desk so see what in the world Taj was smelling.

And here is what he found:


A big ole pile of dry food!!!

Look at all that…..


How in this world did that food get in there????

The only way to get under that drawer is by a little crack between the desk and the wall.

But there it was.

Proof that we had another critter among us.

We first thought it was a mouse.

But there was no tell-tale “droppings”.

I’ve seen no evidence of a mouse.

I know what you’re thinking….how is Mrs. Magoo gonna see mouse poop????

Well, the Mr. hadn’t seen any either so we figure it’s not a mouse.

And then we remembered……

Last Saturday when we were working in the yard, we turned around and there on the sidewalk not 5 feet away from us was Chip and Dale.

The chipmunks, not the strippers!!!


For a split second, the four of us froze…..me, the Mr., Chip and Dale.

Then they took off.

One back the way he came across the walk, and the other dove into a hole beside the house.

{I’m not sure which one was which because they didn’t sing their usual “I’m Chip, I’m Dale” song}

{That would have been AWESOME!!!!}

And so now we think maybe these two little cuties may be the food thieves.

We’re not really sure what to do now but since it’s been raining like crazy this week, we’re on the lookout for Donald Duck next.

I’ll keep you updated!  🙂



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