Animal House


I cannot express to you how much better I’m feeling.

Apparently the sickness has run its course and I’m almost back to normal.

I say almost because I’m exhausted today from partying last evening with a bunch of church women until all hours of the night and day.

Actually it was about 10:00 when I got home but by Mish-Standard-Time, that’s hooka late.

By the time I got in bed it was pert-near 11:30!!

So my tail-feathers are draggin’ today.

And we’ve gotta do it all over again tonight.

I may be old for this crowd.

Or maybe too Baptist.

I’m not sure which.

I do, however, think that my self-diagnosed West Nile may be coming to an end.

Which is a good thing but things around the Mahal have been a little strange lately.

More strange than normal.

First of all, it has rained and poured for forty daysies-daysies!!!

I mean, it has POURED!


And the water just kept a-comin’ up and a-comin’ up!

We had to drain water from our pool 2 times in 3 days.

Now that’s just too much rain, in my opinion.

Not that anyone asked my opinion, but there it is.

Last Wednesday evening, during a small little break in the deluge, Taj saw something out the front window.  He was sitting on the back of my chair, very cat-like, and started to bark.  The Mr. turned to see what it was and said there was a cat outside.  So I had to look too and pulled the curtain back for better viewing.

{Apparently shears can even be too much for Mrs. Magoo to see through.}

{I know, it’s sad!}

Indeed there was a big ole black cat with the most beautiful, intense eyes at the end of our driveway.

{The eyes weren’t at the end of our driveway, the cat was.}

{Well, actually the eyes were with the cat so I guess they were.}


black car

And those eyes were locked onto my little Taj.

Of course, being the instigator that I am, I started telling Taj “watch out; that cat’s gonna get you; he’s coming after you, buddy” which really freaked him out.

Funny thing was, that cat WAS coming after him!!

That cat was slinking up our driveway, never taking his eyes off of Taj.  As he got closer to the window, Taj started backing up!!

He’s big and brave…….to a point.

Like his mom.

So the Mr. opened the front door and we all ran to look out as the cat prowled by, all the while staring eyeball to eyeball with the dog.

Next we went into the Mr.’s office and looked out onto the side porch and sure enough there was that cat waiting for us.  He stood there, eyes locked onto Taj just wagging his tail back and forth!

Then the Mr. said the strangest thing…..

“Should we give him some food???”

Give him food????

Is he nuts???

Do we want a cat???

The answer is most resoundingly NO!

So a couple of days go by and once again, we sent out a dove and when it didn’t drown in the downpour, we decided to go out to drain some water from our now-too-full pool.

While it was draining, the Mr. decided to go empty the filter basket.

And there it was…..

Floating in the basket……

Big as you please…..

The cat version of a horse head in the bed….

A dead bird!!!


So what does the Mr. say???

“You better get that bird out of there”.

Are you kidding me????

Who was the smart-guy who begged for this pool in the first place?

Who was the eager-beaver who promised to take care of the pool?

Oh yeah………it was me!!


Now you already know about my “love” of birds so I was none too enthusiastic to reach my hand in there to get out that floater.

Besides the fact that when I first looked down in that basket it looked like a headless bird.

{No worries, the head was just tucked down where I couldn’t see it.}

{Did I really just say “no worries” about a headless bird????}


I decided I needed a glove.

I went in the kitchen and way up under the sink I found an old pink rubber glove.


This will be my new clean-the-dead-stuff-out-of-the-filter glove.

I tried to be breezy about the whole thing because I didn’t want the Mr. to see that I was freaked out so I grabbed a plastic grocery sack and bravely walked out to the filter with my pink glove.

After a couple of deep cleansing breaths, I reached in with my pink-gloved hand and as quick as you please, I pulled out that dead bird and shoved it in the bag.


But there were still feathers and bugs and leaves in the basket so I reached in one more time and scooped out the rest.

That’s when I noticed it.

A hole.

In my pink glove!

So maybe it wasn’t the West Nile.

Maybe it was the Bird Flu!!!




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