Hey! That’s Not Funny!!


I’ve hit a dry spell.

And I don’t just mean my elbow; though it’s pretty dry, too!

I mean, I can’t find the funny.

I’m really not sure what the deal is.

I love funny.

I LIVE for funny.


We just got back from NY and you would think that trip alone would trigger some humorous moments,

The language barrier alone should have me laughing til I cry.

Oh sure, there were things that made me chuckle (like the toll taker who said “hiya” or the way the Mr. and his family say “happy” with too many syllables) but nothing really laugh out loud funny.

So if your here for the funny, you best just keep on walking.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Nothing funny here.

Nothing that would even cause you to snicker.

Nothing that makes you snort Diet Coke out of your nostrils.


Except maybe this…….





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