Those Were The Days


Way back in 1985 I left the small town of Frankfort behind and headed to the bright lights and big city of Campbellsville.

Ok, so the lights weren’t so bright (I think they turned them off around 9:15) and the big city was really a much smaller town than Frankfort.

But when you’re 18 and the wonderful world of college is ahead, you tend to get a “grass is always greener” perspective of life.

How exciting.


On my own.

Family all of an hour and a half away.

Well, maybe not.

In my case, family was an arms-length away.

See, one of the reasons I picked Campbellsville College was because my sister, Marti, was going there.

Built in friend!!!

Pretty smart, right???

Plus I knew she HAD to be my friend ‘cause Mom told her she had to.

Not only was she my first college friend, she was also my roommate.


She already knew all my bad habits.

She knew I snored like a freight train.

She knew I was a slob.

She knew I was so dedicated to my studies that she would have to force me away from the books and into all social settings.

Ok……….the last part wasn’t so true.

College was a blast!!

The first day.

Then I made a startling discovery.

You have to STUDY in college.

Did ya’ll know this????

Well, the whole study concept was cramping my style just a bit.

How in the world did they expect you to attend an 8:00 am class on economics when you just got back to the dorm at 2:00 am???

{Not that I ever did that, but I’ve heard of people who did!}

I made lots of new friends during my years at good ole C-ville that I still have to this day.  And I’ve got lots of stories I could share but I want to keep these friends so I’ll just share this one:

See, Campbellsville was a teeny tiny town and Campbellsville College was a strict Southern Baptist school.  So you’d think there wouldn’t be much to do in such an atmosphere.

And you’d be right.

Well, mostly.

There was one thing that every student must experience at least once.

The Trestle.

Oh yes…….it’s as exciting as it sounds!!


Marti and her friends, who became my friends (whether they liked it or not!!), where the first to take me to the trestle.

Now, I’m sure when Mom & Dad sent me to college they felt I would be completely safe with Marti.

After all, Marti was the firstborn.

The perfect child.

The one who never got in trouble.

The one I was convinced was part-Quaker.

Oh yes, Marti was all those things.


This was the girl who taught me how to get in the dorm after the doors were locked.

This was the girl whose favorite songs were “Oh Sheila” and “Walk This Way”.

This was the girl who would jump up on the bed and dance to these songs even though dancing was very against the rules.

Oh yes, Marti was a blast!!

And Marti took her sweet, innocent sister to the trestle!

The thing about the trestle was that to get there (and it was quite a long trek) you had to first go through a tunnel.

train tunnel

That’s right!


In the dark.

With bats.

And it wasn’t just a regular tunnel.

It had a bend in it so you couldn’t see the other side.

You had to walk into complete darkness and pray to the Almighty that a train didn’t come.

But never fear.

Like most 18-20 year olds, we had a plan.

If a train comes just plaster yourself again the wall of the tunnel.

Oh sure, the train could totally suck you in but if you gripped hard enough you could surely hang on against the pull of a speeding train.

{I’m sure there’s some physics thing going on here but since we’ve already established the fact that I was at college to socialize and not study, I have no idea what it all means!}

Once you made it through the dark tunnel, it was another couple of miles to the trestle.

It had a beautiful view and I’m sure that all these years later, C-ville student are still making the trek.

Would I go there now?

Absolutely not.

But if you’re a Campbellsville University student, GO!  It’s pretty cool.

Plus tomorrow you’ll wake up and be 45 years old and saying stuff like “those kids have no business doing something so dangerous”.


And that’s exactly what I did one night with my friends Renee, Rick and David.

We went to the trestle.

At night.

I don’t know why.

Well, yes I do.

Boys asked us to go.

Enough said!!

Everything was going pretty well.

We got through the tunnel.

We made it to the trestle.

Then we headed back.

That’s when it happened.

Just as we got back to the tunnel, we heard something in the woods.

What was it????

We couldn’t see anything in the dark.

But it sounded BIG!!!

That’s when Rick yelled, “It’s dogs!” and started trying to push Renee up a tree with no branches!!!

As for me, I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in all my life.

And why wasn’t David trying to push ME up a tree?????

Thankfully, it was just a couple of guys from school who were dressed all in black and had been waiting to scare us.


That was my very last time going to the trestle.

But I learned an important lesson.

If you’re going to the trestle at night….DON’T TELL ANYBODY!!!



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