Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen


This has been one heck of a week.

And it’s only Wednesday!!

It started out with the Mr. finding some charges on our bank statement that he knew nothing about.

Now, I know what ya’ll are thinking……Mish has been shopping!

But let me assure you that it wasn’t me.

I cannot stand shopping.

I mean, I’ll do it if I have to.

I go to buy groceries and whatnot but let me tell you, I complain loud and long about it!!

LOUD and LONG!!!

My poor friend, Lynne, hears me gripe every week about having to go to Kroger and then when she sees my puny list she secretly wants to slap me.

Yes, it’s secretly but I can see it in her eyes!!

So anyway, the Mr. asked me about these charges (one for $60 and the other for $202) and I think he believed me when I told him that I didn’t do it.

But that meant a call to the bank, a call to the companies that were charged, a visit to the bank to dispute the charges and most importantly, cancelling my card.

See, it was MY card the perp used to STEAL from us.


And that just ticks me off!!!

Of course, at first I thought this was a trick of the Mr.’s to make sure I don’t spend any more money but now I’m convinced it was some punk kid.  Both charges were for online gaming and were made by some dude named “Kevin”.

So for all you Kevin’s out there playing games online, I’m looking for you, you STEALER!!!

Then on Monday, I’m getting ready for work and watching/listening to the Today Program and I hear a story about some college professor who once killed his entire family and spent some time in a mental institution and now is living his life in another state under a different name.  I wouldn’t normally pay much attention to this story except that the reporter said that it happened in 1967, the year of my birth.

{He didn’t actually SAY it was the year of my birth….I added that part!}

And then that reporter just ticked me off!!!

He said something about the police investigation “nearly 50 years ago”.


I think NOT!!

I know he put that “nearly” in there but I’ll have you know that I am nowhere NEAR 50!!!!!

I am the spry young age of 45………..til later in the month.

I won’t be “near 50” until I’m 49 1/2, thank you very much!!

So between that silly reporter and dudes named “Kevin”, the weeks not off to a very good start.

I did, however, manage to get my not-anywhere-near-50 self to work and Lynne comes in to inform me that I’ve got my shirt on inside out!!


I can’t even get dressed!!!

Maybe I’m closer to 50 than I want to admit!

And if all that’s not bad enough for a horrible week, the Mr. suggests that we go for a little dip in the pool the last two nights.  It’s supposed to rain the rest of the week so we figured we better get in while the getting’s good.

So there I am just floating around on my pool noodles, minding my own business, and SMACK!

Right on the back.

What in this world?

I look at the Mr.




Right on my face!


After I took quite a beating, I began to suspect that “mosquito” was just a flimsy excuse to strike me repeatedly about the head and shoulders!

But alas, I’ve got a slew of new itchy spots so I feel a little bad for smacking the Mr. back!

A “little” bad.  🙂




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