And That Is Called Heartache, Madam!

So this past week was our annual trek to Louisville for the National Quartet Convention.  A fun time was had by all with lots of visiting with friends and lots of good music.

Of course, no trip with my family would be complete without a little drama.

Which is probably the main reason the Mr. chooses not to participate!!  🙂

Molly, Steve, Belle & I usually only go for the last three nights; mainly because we’re poor and have to work.  The rich ones (Marti & Kenny!) go for the whole week and since they are also so young and spry they somehow manage to work during part of the week.  Not sure how they do it!!!  I was exhausted by Wednesday and hadn’t even been yet!!!

Mom and Dad go for the whole week too and help work the booth for our good friends Tim and Mary Alice Lovelace.  They meet lots of interesting people, see lots of weird outfits, hear lots of stories and then usually forget most it before we get there!!

Sad but true!

We always manage to find some good places to eat as well.  One of our favorites is Mark’s Feed Store (or as the Mr. refers to it the “Feet” Store) but since the Mr. wasn’t going to make it, we decided to leave it for another time.

**I should probably mention here that the Mr. worked massive long overtime hours last week so while I was gallivanting around the countryside he was NOT slacking off!  I feel quite sure he’d want you to know that!!**

This year, Molly and Steve introduced me to a new place.

Buca di Beppo.

Oh my!!

It’s an Italian place and as soon as you pull into the parking lot, you can smell the garlic!

In the parking lot!


So you know it’s gonna be yummy!!!

They took us on a tour of the restaurant and the kitchen which was pretty cool.  The overall theme seems to be “Mobster Chic” which I didn’t even know was a thing.

I found this picture on their website of the room I want to sit in next time I go:


Notice the bust of the Pope on the table!!

What a hoot!!!

Or is that wrong of me???

No, I really think they intended it to be a hoot and not offensive.

{Please don’t be offended!!!}

Anyway, we had a really good time and other than having to take out a second mortgage on our house, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Check out the dessert we shared…………..Double Dark Chocolate Cake!!

Double Dark Chocolate Cake

Now before ya’ll go and get all judgy about us eating this cake, remember its DARK chocolate.

Dark chocolate is good for you.

Plus this was DOUBLE dark chocolate which means it’s TWICE as healthy as regular chocolate.

So it’s all good!!  🙂

The highlight of the week had to be our car-ride entertainment.

Belle, our self appointed Cruise Director, brought some books to read to us in the car.  And the books she brought are probably the funniest books ever written.

Junie B. Jones!!

I would like to tell you that we read those books to please Belle but, too bad for us, there were times when Belle wasn’t even in the CAR!!!

There we sat, three fully growed adults, laughing til we cried over June B. Jones!!!

Wowie wow wow!!

Remember back at the beginning of this yarn, way back when????

Remember that I mentioned a little something about drama????

Oh yes, well here it is:

Saturday, Mom & Dad’s car broke down.

Like BROKE down!!

So Marti and Kenny were going to try to fix it then come on over to the convention; only too bad for them, they couldn’t fix it and ended up waiting for a coon’s age to get a tow truck there to tow the vehicle back to Frankfort.

After they sat on the side of the interstate for half of forever, I got a text from Marti that said “Just changed clothes, undies and all, sitting on the side of the road.  If I ever get to NQC don’t come near me.  I never got my shower today!  My hair is a deflated mess!”

I don’t know if it’s because I’m such a good sister (sympathetic and all) but that just cracked me right up!!!

Yes, it’s sad that they missed the last night.

Yes, it’s sad that they didn’t get to eat yummy cake.

Yes, it’s sad that we talked about them while they were gone.

But, oh my, she changed her clothes AND UNDIES on the side of the road!!!!


Silly Marti!!!  🙂





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