Confession is Good for the Soul

Hi, my name is Mish and I’m a TV-alcoholic.


Boy, did that feel good!

Yes, it’s true.  I am completely and utterly obsessed with television.

So this week has been, like, the best week of the whole ding-dang year!!

Shows are back.

My DVR is full.

Life is good.

Gone are the days of watching an episode of Friends from 19 years ago that I’ve seen a half a bajillion times.

{Well, not gone really………it’s still a funny show!}

And can we pause right here and lament the fact that Friends first premiered 19 years ago?!?!?!?!?


How did that time go by so fast?????

Oh yeah…………I was watching TV!

Molly told me once that she hoped that God sent me a husband who would understand my crazy, TV-watching self.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Mr. understands it (or really anything about me) but at least he tolerates it pretty good!

And even though he does bug me from time to time to turn off the TV and go outside in all the fresh air, I’ve tried my best to pull him into the depths of my obsession.

And I believed that I had succeeded!!

Unfortunately for me, the Mr. declared that he didn’t want to start any NEW shows this year.

Unfortunately for the Mr., I have control of the remote!!


And in case you’re wondering about the “TV-alcoholic” remark from earlier, I’m not really drinking alcohol while watching TV.

Really, I’m not!

When my brother, Marc, was little he always said “work-alcoholic” instead of workaholic so it kinda stuck with our family and we use it for every “aholic”.

So no alcohol for me.

Just some Mt. Dew.

And Funyons.

And Dr. Who.

Or The Walking Dead.

Or Survivor.

Or Once Upon A Time.

Or Revolution.


Or …………..oh never mind, the list is endless………..

Enjoy the new season…….reruns will be here before we know it!  🙂




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