Hip to be Square

The Mr. and I pride ourselves in being young, hip and in the know.

Sadly, our little world was shattered over the weekend.

Here’s what happened:

Friday after work, we headed to Georgetown to the Sears store where we needed to pick up the ever-so-hip stovetop we had ordered.

We were so excited.

Which shows you right there just how hip we really are!

Unfortunately for us, this weekend was also the Festival of the Horse in that town so we knew that we needed to avoid downtown like the plague!!  After all, we were there for appliance fun, not real fun!

We got to the Sears, got our stovetop and thought we’d try out a restaurant we had heard so much about, Mancino’s.

{This really isn’t a review of a restaurant but I will say that one of us liked the food, the other did not.  You figure out which!  :-)}

While we waited for our food, I posted on the Facebook that we were at Mancino’s.  I did this because, heaven forbid, we have an actual conversation while we wait.

This is a true sign of our hipness; socializing via media instead of actual socializing.

I got a couple of responses to my post about our supper destination but one comment had me stumped.  It was from my nephew, Josh, who really and truly IS hip and in the know.  He’s also young-ish

This is what Josh wrote:

“Totes Jelly! That places is killer.I always enjoyed lunch there with Dad when we’d be working in that forsaken parking lot.”

I read this out loud to the Mr.

Totes Jelly?

Never heard of it.

Must be a happenin’ new restaurant in Georgetown.

So I looked it up.


Maybe it’s just a small mom & pop joint that doesn’t have a website.

Or maybe it was a sandwich on the menu.

I asked the Mr. if he saw “Totes Jelly” on the menu.

No, he didn’t see it.

I thought I’d ask Josh about it because we’re always looking for a new place to eat.

Then the Mr. decided that in the meantime we would use Totes Jelly as a saying for something that’s awesome.  As in, that food we just ate was totes jelly!

You know, like, totally rad.

We even planned to whip out that saying at our family meal the next night and impress my family with our cool, hip lingo.

Doesn’t that sound like an awesome idea?

Wouldn’t that be totes jelly????

We thought so.

Then on the way home we saw some punk looking kid walking through the neighborhood with his baggy britches and his backwards hat and I said maybe HE’S totes jelly!!

Then the Mr. and I just laughed and laughed at our cool, hip humor!

We crack ourselves up!

Well, by the next night, we forgot all about Totes Jelly during supper and didn’t even get to show off our hip language to my fam.

Later, we were talking to my cousin, Shelby, who was spending the night and I thought I’d ask her about the cool new restaurant called Totes Jelly.  After all, she is FROM Georgetown.  She would know, right???

“Shelby, have you ever heard of Totes Jelly?”

“Sure.  It means totally jealous.”



Once the Mr. and I got our laughing selves up off the floor, I told her how I thought it might be a saying that meant something was hip to which she quickly informed me that nobody, NOBODY, says hip anymore and the very fact that I kept saying hip was proving the fact that I’m a complete lame-o!!

{She didn’t actually say lame-o, probably because the youngsters don’t say that either but since I have no earthly idea what the kids say these days, I’ll stick with lame-o.}

The Mr. told her he thought it meant “the cat’s meow”.

I immediately informed him that was not very hip either but, once again, Shelby let me know that “cat’s meow” was better than hip!!

So it was a tough weekend.

First, I was excited by an appliance.

Then I realized that I need an interpreter when talking to young people.

And the worst of all, I am hopelessly and completely un-hip!



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