Who Let the Dogs In?????

So I got home from work yesterday and there, waiting to greet me like a furry little bouncing ball, was my precious Taj.

What a good boy!

He missed his mom!

But what is that on my good boy’s side?

Something’s stuck in his fur.

Something tan-ish like his hair.

Something foamy and chair-like.

What is it, buddy?

Let me see…..

What did you do????



Now, in full disclosure, I must admit that the rip was already in my chair cushion.

And no, Taj didn’t put it there.

That would be me!

See, when the Mr. and I went furniture shopping many moons ago, I found this chair that was so big I could curl right up in it.  Right. Up. In. It.

And curl up I did!

Plenty of room for a curled up me.

Or for me and Andrew when he needs a back scratch.

Or for me and Belle when she’s reading me a Junie B. Jones.

Or for me and Taj.

It’s Totes Jelly, people!

But the problem is that after I sit for awhile, the chair just kind of swallows me.  So I use my curled up legs to push myself back up into the seat and over much time I have ripped the material.

No problem, right?

Just turn the cushion over.

Well whadayaknow, there’s a matching rip on the other side!

The Mr. has told me time and again that I need to either get it reupholstered, which I know nothing about or we need to chuck it and get a sectional, which is what he really wants, I’m thinkin’.

But I LOVE my big ole chair.  Even with the rip(s) and even though the cushions are saggin’ and sad!

{Aren’t we all a little saggin’ and sad sometimes????}

But apparently Taj thought it was also a tasty treat!

Needless to say, he was in big trouble and when the Mr. got home, he was in even MORE trouble.

The Mr. did ask me if I put a Pupperoni in the cushion so that I could go furniture shopping but that just shows that he doesn’t understand the depth of my love for the chair!

How sad for the Mr.

But Taj and I eventually made up.

After all, how could anyone stay mad at this little pookie-face for very long?????




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