Music to my Ears


I love music.

When I was a kid, my family always had the TV tuned to The Gospel Singing Jubilee on Sunday morning and we would sing along as we got ready for church.

And I loved singing hymns at church each week…….When We All Get To Heaven, Old Rugged Cross, Just As I Am.

All through school, I was singing in chorus.  While I was in high school, Mrs. Jenkins, our chorus teacher, would let us come into the chorus room during lunch and we’d sing while someone played the piano.

I’ve just always loved music.

So now as an adult, I love to teach the little ones some of the songs we learned at church camp or at Girl Scouts.

Some are serious songs but most are silly songs; like Hillbilly Will and High Silk Hat and Had A Little Dog, Skinny As A Rail.  We even taught Shelby the song about the little cabin in the woods and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized it was a song all about hunters killing bunnies in the woods!

What kinda bloody massacre songs were we being taught, anyway?!?!?!?!?!

And now these songs just pop into my head at random times.

Most every conversation I have reminds me of a song.

Today was no exception.

Today I walked into the bathroom at work and wouldn’t you know, the dude before me didn’t lock the door.

The dude before me was still taking care of business.

The dude before me was, well, BEFORE ME!!!

And what do you think I did?

I backed out of that bathroom humming “Oh be careful little eyes what you see”.

Happy Monday and be sure to double-check the lock! 🙂






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