Give Thanks


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and during this time of year, while most of us are looking forward to a big ole turkey feast, there are some among us who start to feel sorry for the turkey.

Poor little yummy turkey.

There’s even a new animated movie out this month about saving the turkey; which will probably be really cute but I’m sure it will make thousands of little kids mourn the death of the noble bird.

But there is another animal that has it just as tough or even tougher this time of year.

The deer.

While a turkey is mighty fine eatin’, the prospect of killing a cute little deer is a bit harder to take.

With those big ole eyes looking at you from behind those long eyelashes, how can you possibly pull that trigger???

And who among us didn’t have a heavy heart over the loss of Bambi’s mother???

Don’t get me wrong……I’ll eat the thing, I just don’t want to see it before hand.

So today I thought I’d share with you about the time Molly and I bagged our first and (hopefully) only deer.

Long ago in a land far, far away………

Molly and I decided to go to the exotic land of Paducah for a weekend vocal seminar.  It was just a Friday night and all day Saturday thing but Steve Hurst was the vocal coach and since he had coached lots of popular Gospel singers over the years, we were super excited to have an expert help us out.

I made the hotel reservations and away we went.

We got there and found out that the room they had booked for us was a smoking room.

I know what you’re thinking…… does a room smoke???


You weren’t thinking that?

That was just me???

Well, whatever!

But I figured, how bad can it be?  There won’t actually be a smoker in the room so it should be fine.  Besides the fact that it was our only option at this point.

Do you know what a smoking room smells like?


{Well, duh!!!  Come on people!  Even Helen Keller coulda seen that one coming!}

By the next morning, my throat was super scratchy and I had very little voice at all.

Just what you want when at a VOCAL seminar!!

So needless to say, Molly got all kinds of pointers from Steve Hurst and I got a big lot of nothing!!

Late on Saturday evening we started the long trek home.

We had taken Molly’s little sporty car and were jamming away with some good tunes when out of the darkness came this humongous deer.

You’ve heard the saying “like a deer in headlights”?

Well, all three of us had that look!!

deer in headlights

Since Molly was driving we were probably traveling at speeds far outside the bounds of the law and we hit that deer with a sickening thud.

When we hit that furry guy, the impact swung his body around and his backside smashed into the driver’s side window, sending broken glass flying through the car.

It all happened so quickly but at the time, it felt like slow motion.

Molly expertly got the car pulled over and I reached up to wipe glass off my face and felt something wet.


I’m bleeding.


My face is cut!


I’m screaming at Molly that my face is apparently hanging from my skull and she quickly turned on the light.

“Your fine”


How can I be fine?


“Check the mirror”

Slowly I flipped the mirror down, afraid of the mess I was going to find looking back at me.


I bravely looked up at my reflection.

And there it was.

The source of all the blood.

The injury to end all injuries.

That glass had flown in the window and cut the scab right off my fever blister!

Overreact much????

Now the adventure really began.

A couple of rednecks pulled over to see if the deer was ok.

They may or may not have remembered to ask about OUR well-being.

So there we were, about 3 hours from home, late at night, in the freezing November air with a busted out window.

And to top it off, this was in the days before cell phones so we drove to the next exit and found a pay phone to call Dad.  He told us to find a hardware store and get some plastic and duct tape.

So we asked the gas station dude for directions but all he cared about was whether the deer was hurt or killed.  We told him the rednecks beat him to it and were probably already gnawing on it.

At the hardware store, we explained our predicament and asked where we might find plastic and duct tape.

You know what those guys at the store said????

“How many points was it?”

I don’t know………….a THOUSAND points!!!!


We found the tape and since I’ve made this short story long, let me just say that we got home safe and sound.

And my face was fine, by the way……

Thanks for askin’.




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