Nervous & Jerky

I’ve got a bad case of the DTs.

And no, it’s not because the vending machine ran out of Mt. Dew.

That would be a whole other kind of tragedy.

It’s been well documented that I have an addictive personality.

In college I was addicted to Diet Coke.  Then at some point the Mr. convinced me that Diet Coke would kill me so I switched to the Dew.  Something tells me that he was trying to nudge me in the water direction but I don’t nudge easily and I just sort of landed on Dew.

Some say I’m addicted to nasal spray but I choose to think of it more as an affinity to breathing.

Which brings me to my most serious addiction and the reason for today’s tremors……TV.

You’ve heard the expression “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” well a more important saying is “if Mish don’t got TV, heads are gonna roll”.

{Trust me, it’s a real saying!}

I’m not a very routined person except for weekday mornings.  I get up at the same time and have a very regimented schedule:

6:00 – get up and shower

6:20 – feed the dog, read the Holy Word, let the dog out

6:43 – lay back down in bed and watch LEX 18 News at Sunrise

7:00 – Today Show

As soon as the Today Program comes on, I know I better be up and getting myself ready so that I can walk out the door by 7:45-ish.

The “ish” is because sometimes Taj is just too cute and needs extra pettins and that throws me off my game.

Well, today when I came upstairs to put on the News at Sunrise, NO TV!

Ok, the TV was actually there but it sure wouldn’t come on!!

So I head to the Mr.’s bathroom to get some technical support.  He was in the shower and so I just stood at the door and asked (apparently too loudly) what was wrong with the TV set.

Later I found out that such behavior is frowned upon as we don’t normally speak that early in the morning and he didn’t hear me coming.  I assured him that next time I would employ the more subtle approach of throwing back the shower curtain while wielding a butcher knife.  He feels that it would be a little less frightening than what I did this morning.

Go figure!

But being the professional computer guru that he is, the Mr. told me to unplug it, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

He’s a smart one!

Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

Now what???

Get ready with no TV???

Are you crazy???

How will I know what the weather is gonna be?

How will I know the important news of the day?

How will I know who is the Facebook Fan of the Day??

What is this world coming to???

Needless to say, I spent the whole entire morning getting ready for work in complete and utter silence.

But I had my nasal spray so at least I wasn’t a mouth breather. 🙂




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