Winter….How I Loathe Thee!

It’s been a tough winter.

What with all the snow & ice & freezing cold temps, I’m officially over it!!!

Yes, when the snow first falls, it’s really pretty.

Yes, when that ice covers everything and the whole out of doors is glimmering in iciness, it’s a winter wonderland.

But enough is a stinkin’-nough!!!

Most of you know that I’m a total baby when it comes to driving in the bad weather, which means that the poor Mr. has had to cart me to and from work more days than not this last month.  And bless his heart, he has hit his limit on the catering to my every whim!

But the one who has had the worst time of it in our household is my little Taj.

Every summer when the weather gets hotter-than-blue-blazes, we have him shaved down.  He’s such a hairy man that he’s just miserable with all that Pomeranian coat he wears.  But around November-ish we let it grow back out and usually by Christmas he’s back to his furry self, strutting around with that chest of Pom hair and proud as a peacock.

Only this year, the hairiness didn’t come back.

Well, some of it did but mostly it did not.

What we have here is a patchy scraggliness that is not doing one thing to keep that poor baby warm in these frozen temperatures.



I asked the vet about it right before Christmas and she suggested we try giving him melatonin every night (just a half a pill) to see if it would grow back.

We did this every night for a whole month.

Nothing…..though the hair that is coming in is very soft and luxurious!

The vet said that if this didn’t work then it is more than likely a thyroid issue.

Poor little guy!

He is scheduled for blood work tomorrow so hopefully we’ll be able to get him some help.

Of course, with his luck his hair will grow back just in time for hot weather and another shave down!

And if all that wasn’t enough, he’s having problems with his very own Granna!

My mom and dad are handy.

I mean HANDY!

They can craft (Mom), woodwork (Dad) and are just generally creative and clever.

Us kids (aka middle aged folks!) look forward each Christmas for whatever wonderful item they will make for us.

This year we each got a crocheted afghan.

Well, actually I’m not sure what Marc got.  Since he lives in Arizona I doubt he would use an afghan.  He’s the guy who would wear shorts year round here in KY.

He’s probably naked out there!

Anyway, it goes without saying that MY afghan is the best one!

It’s pink and brown and I LOVE it!!!!

I use it every night while I’m watching TV.

Unless, of course, Taj gets to it first!!

That little baldy guy LOVES that thing!

He’ll find any little piece of it that he can to curl up and get all cozy.

Check him out:




So naturally I asked Mom to make Taj one of his very own.

I figure since she can whip these out in no time that she could spare an hour or two to make a small little blanket for her favorite dog.

Do you know what she said????

“I’m not making a blanket for a dog!”

That’s right!

She called him a dog.

Right to his FACE!!!!

What kind of grandmother does that??????

This little hairless puppy is freezing to death and Granna won’t help the guy out!

Poor Taj!

I thought about starting a Facebook campaign to beg her to make him a throw but I figured the same rules apply as when we were kids:

“If you send your friends to beg, it’s an automatic NO!”

So I’ll just let Taj do it:


“Please, Granna, won’t you make me a blanket of my very own?????”

Whaddaya say, Gran??

Can you hook a puppy up???? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Winter….How I Loathe Thee!

  1. All this time I’ve been thinkin’ Granna was such a sweet lady! Now I hear the truth!! I can’t believe she can look at that little face and say “NO!”. Come on Granna…

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