Taj’s Mom Is A Dog

So I told you yesterday that Taj was going to have a bad day today.

Not only did he have blood drawn but he also had a “spa day” where they trimmed his nails (HATES that!), gave him a bath (REALLY hates that!) and worst of all, shaved his little hiney!!

By the time I picked him up at lunch, he was fit to be tied and was determined to make me pay.

What a brat!!

When we walked in the door, the Mr. told me that Dad had stopped by.


In the middle of the day?

What did he want?

Is everything ok?

The Mr. said he was dropping something off.

And there on the table was a bag with a note attached:



Granna DOES love her little Taj-magaj!!!

There in that bag was Taj’s very own afghan.

She apparently had been working on it as a surprise.

Then I, the Mouth of the South, had to go and call her out right on the interweb!

It’s a good thing she loves Taj so much or else she’d give that blanket to some other pooch.

And he LOVES it!!!


It’s the perfect size for a guy his age and it is the perfect complement to his mom’s afghan, which was the best one anyway!


So Mom, I apologize with my eyes closed and Taj and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the lovely throw.


You’re the best!!




2 thoughts on “Taj’s Mom Is A Dog

  1. LOL! They told me about it when I took B over there awhile ago. We laughed & laughed! Turns out Atilla is an old softie when it comes to her grand-pooch! 🙂

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