You Had Me at Chinese Food

The Mr. and I have never been overly romantic.

I mean, we hold hands from time to time but we’re not overly demonstrative because, well, that’s just gross!!!

Plus I like my space.

And even the hand holding is kept to a minimum because if we are walking somewhere it just ends up looking like he’s pulling me since my little Pikachu legs can’t keep up!

It’s a very loving scene indeed.

But last night when I got home from work, the Mr. said to me perhaps the most romantic thing he’s said in the past 16 years.

It made me swoon.

It made me fall in love with him all over again.

He said…………”let’s go out for Chinese food.”


Music to this girls ears!

I’m easy to please………..OBVIOUSLY!

But while we were shoveling in the Chinese food, I noticed how very differently the Mr. and I approach a buffet.

Typically I don’t enjoy a buffet because I’d much rather someone wait on me hand and foot.

Plus I feel like a pig at a trough at a buffet.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The Mr.’s plate is always neatly portioned off with rice, some noodles, a little meat and tons of veggies with space between so that the foods don’t mix.

Mine looks like a dog’s dish with a mish-mosh (yes, I said MISH-MOSH!) of different meats all mixed in together.  I have been known to add one or two little slivers of green beans just because I feel like I should have at least SOME vegetables.

But with the Mr., it’s a totally different story.

I’ve seen the Mr. approach the vat of Chicken with Broccoli and pick out the broccoli.

No chicken whatsoever.


What kind of crazy man did I marry?????

But after all the veggies that the Mr. can hold, he takes a dark turn.


Personally I’d rather have another helping of Black Pepper Chicken (and I normally do) but the Mr. is all about dessert.

He’ll grab a couple of tiny little cakes, usually a small chunk of banana in red sauce (what IS that red sauce by the way???) and then the main event.

Chocolate pudding.

And I don’t mean a normal human’s helping of chocolate pudding.

I mean the Jolly Green Giant’s helping of chocolate pudding!!!

How one person can eat that much pudding in one sitting is beyond me.

The Mr. says it’s the perfect dessert after a Chinese buffet because it fills in the cracks.

I don’t mean to be ugly but that dude must have lots of cracks because he can sho‘nuff put the pudding away!!

Then comes the fortune cookie.

Oh my lands, the fortune cookie!

When I get a fortune cookie, I open it and immediately read the fortune.  The cookie is disgusting so it just goes in my plate with my folded napkin (a la Mawmaw).  But the Mr. will not even take a peek at his fortune until he has eaten that cookie.

And not because he likes the taste of fortune cookies.

He says the fortune won’t come true if you don’t eat the cookie first.

Well, MY fortune surely came true last night.


Because my “present plans” were to ignore the laundry that’s piled up and watch TV until bedtime.

And lo and behold, it came to pass! 🙂




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