Wonderful World of Taj

As you know, I’ve committed to 7 blog posts in 7 days and I’m already struggling at Day 4!

Not a good sign.

The Mr. is apparently watching his P’s and Q’s  so as not to give me any new material so I’m leaning on a good ole standby…..Taj.

That little guy cracks me up and I know that my brother-in-law, David, LOVES when I post pictures of Taj on Facebook so he’s gonna really dig this!!

Last week when I was on my deathbed with the fatal diagnosis of Snuffy-Snotty-Head Syndrome, my little Taj-man was right there to take care of me.


As you can see, he takes his nursing responsibilities VERY seriously!

Sometimes he gets to go for a ride in the car.  Especially on weekend mornings when I have to go get the Mr. some breakfast at 10:55.  The time is important because McDonald’s switches to lunch at 11:00.

It’s always a race!


Taj loves to ride in the car but he HATES when you stop.

Like at red lights.

Or stop signs.

Or in the drive-through.

And he barks.

And barks.

And barks.


He’s a madman!!

And I’m not talking a deep, manly bark.

His bark is the most high-pitched, shrill, ear-piercing bark that you’ve ever heard in your whole ding-dong life!!

Imagine that sound.

Now imagine you’re in a car with it.

With the windows rolled up.

It’s enough to make you want to kill someone.

Not the dog.


But last night, the little guy just cracked me up.

Now this story may gross some of you out.

I’m thinking, Debbie, you may want to stop reading, if you haven’t already!

One of Taj’s very favorite things is string cheese.

Really any cheese.

Or any food for that matter.

But he’s learned the word “cheese” and earlier in the night when he was fast asleep, I mentioned to the Mr. that I had a hankerin’ for a hunk of cheese.

Well, that little dog’s head snapped around so fast I was sure he had whiplash!!

I got him calmed down and forgot all about getting that cheese.

Until I got ready to go to bed.

The Mr. had already gone upstairs and I was getting the lights turned out and the alarm set and I had just come out of the bathroom when I thought “CHEESE”.

{Don’t even try to analyze why I would be thinking of cheese in the bathroom.}

{I’m an enigma!}

I looked around and there was no one in sight.

Taj must have gone up to bed with his dad.

So very quietly I opened the refrigerator door and grabbed a stick of string cheese.  When I closed the fridge door, THERE HE WAS!!!!

It was like a horror movie!

He can be quite stealth when food is involved.

At that point, Taj wouldn’t leave my side.

He followed me up the stairs.

He watched me plug in my cell phone, take my pills and put on my jammies.

Then I peeled that plastic off the cheese and he almost lost his little mind with excitement!

Up on the bed he went as I’m trying to lay down and keep him from stealing my cheese!

Now, I’m not a cheese peeler.  I’m a cheese biter.

I know.

You’re supposed to string it.

Hence the name.

But I’m always afraid that I……I mean Taj……will choke on the strings so I bite.

For every bite I took, I gave him a little bite.

And NO……I didn’t LET him bite it…..I bit it and handed him the bite.

That would be gross!

But not nearly as gross as the next thing COULD have been.

While I’m chewing my last bite, I’m explaining to Taj that there is no more.  But he’s standing on my pillow, looking down at me chewing so I open my mouth and stick out my tongue.

Apparently, this is something he’s never experienced before.

Or it may have been the cheese bits on my tongue (I was still chewing after all!).

But he’s staring at my tongue.

And then he leans in.

Then he leans in a little closer.

Now let me assure you that there was NO WAY IN THIS WORLD that I was gonna let that dog lick my tongue!






But the expression on his face was so funny that I laughed.

And when I laughed my tongue moved.

Well, you would have thought that a monster popped right out of my face the way that dog jumped!!!!

Scared him to absolute death!!!!

That really got me laughing so I stuck my tongue out again and he ran.

So I guess now I know that he will always be my protector from bad guys.

As long as that bad guy doesn’t stick out his tongue!




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