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Light as a Feather

The wonderful world of TV viewing is coming to an end.

No, we’re not getting rid of the TV.

The Mr. wouldn’t stand a chance of living another day if he even SUGGESTED that we give up the television set.

What I mean is that summer is here and shows are ending until fall and the Mr. couldn’t be happier about it!

He started fussing around March-ish that he was ready for the shows to end and all kinds of bike riding and hiking and other sweaty-I-can’t-believe-he-talked-me-into-this activities begin.

But the other night we were trying to catch up on some TV watching and our sweet dog, whose hair is starting to grow back by the way, wanted desperately to come and sit with us.

So since he gets whatever he wants, up on the couch he came.  But the seat wasn’t quite high enough for his liking. He just had to climb up on the back of the couch so he could survey his kingdom a little more clearly.

While he was up there keeping watch, the Mr. decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to rub his smelly old feet!!!

And I, like a dutiful wife, obeyed his command.

Ok, I think I better clarify.

First of all, he didn’t really command; it was more of a whiney-beg.

Second of all, I wasn’t very dutiful because I complained to high heaven the whole time and even threw in a couple of tickles because I know he hates that.

Wife of the year, I think not!!

So we are watching TV in peace when all of a sudden, the Mr. cries out and his legs go flying!!!!

He almost kicked me right in the face!

What caused this sudden and violent outburst????

Was it an earthquake?


Was it a bee and/or spider?


Was it sudden onset of Tourette’s?

Not even.

Our cat-like dog who is neither light on his feet or even LIGHT decided he was ready to get down and PLOP!!

Right on the Mr.’s belly like a bowling ball!!!

{Taj is like a bowling ball not the Mr.’s belly!!}

Then Taj and all his 14 lbs. just stood there on the Mr.’s stomach and looked down at him like “WHAT??”.

Needless to say, wife-extraordinaire that I am , I just cracked right up!!!

The Mr.?

Not so much!!